Monday, July 11, 2011

You could win this saucy bag of swag!

Just a reminder that the deadline for the ModSauce Design and Styling Escapade Challenge of Amazing Awesomeness is today/Tuesday.  Or Wednesday morning.  I'm not really going to enforce a deadline on a fake competition but I do have to bring order to chaos.

To further entice you (and possibly to clean out some junk drawers) I've put together this saucy bag of swag with all the must-have items people will be fighting over this fall.  I know, right?!  I'm so generous!  Here's what you might win:
yeah, you want it
The big draw for this gift basket of unfathomable amazingness is the UPOPENED Howard Lederer Tells All DVD that will teach you how to win big at No Limit Hold Em.  I'm basically giving you the tools to become a millionaire and what other blogger is doing that besides all the other scheming bloggers trying to get you rich quick??!!  No one, that's who!!  Don't ask me how I came by this DVD...

Starting from the left we have a "pewter-esque" vase of some kind that would look stunning holding a single quill that you can use to caligraphy me a thank-you note for making you a millionaire.  Next to that is a shell animal of some kind playing the... drums?  I'm not really sure but he's famous now after being featured in last week's 4th of July competition AND he comes with his own sleeping bag courtesy of the Anthropologie gift-wrapping station last Christmas.  Behind him is a piece of log.  I don't know... it could be a coaster or you could bedazzle it or something...  I've also included a fine collection of stolen found travel size bottles of Malin + Goetz body products I recently acquired at a fine establishment in Louisville, KY.  The body wash might be emptier than the others...

All of this is sitting on top of a scrap of fabric that's pretty.  You can pet it - that's what I do sometimes because it's soft.  On top of the luxurious fabric sample is a Buffalo Bill magnet.  Use it to tack important things to your fridge like shopping lists and early drafts of ransom notes to Ryan Reynolds' family.  I believe dental hygiene is really important so I'm including some Oral-B Brush-Ups for those times when you really really want that extra large slushee but you know it coats your teeth in red sugar fuzz.  Or you could use it after you destroy that entire (miniature) bottle of Crown Royal next to it.  You could even put it in your slushee - I won't judge!  This is YOUR prize!  I'll also throw in some ModernSauce business cards to pass out to your friends.  I'm professional.  Just like Howard Ledererererer.

Over there at the end we have a partially used Benjamin Moore sample in Manchester Tan that could be a good neutral for you.  It washes me out.  To create ambiance I'm also including 5 rose-scented tea lights that you could burn while you admire the rest of your gifts and bask in the afterglow of your styling skillz.  Pat yourself on the back.  You deserve it.

Oh I think I hear the Oscars calling - I'm sure they want me to put together next year's gift baskets.  I have a talent for swag is what they say.

Update: I forgot to include some koozies from Cupboards!  You will most certainly get some of that Alabama swag as well.


  1. AND some Cupboards koozies... they're on the way to join the swag.

  2. Thanks for reminding me! I just updated the post to reflect your awesome generosity.

  3. The foamy sock (gift from heaven) that fits around your booze container to keep it cool.

    I like the zipper part.

  4. When are the winners going to be announced? Also, how many entries did you receive? Inquiring minds want to know.

  5. All will be announced on the 15th (tomorrow). Been a busier week than planned at the Ranch!