Thursday, July 7, 2011

The ModSauce Design Escapade: It's more fun than scurvy!

So the first annual ModSauce Design and Styling Challenge sponsored by the Pomoj was deemed a success!  We use "success" loosely around here...   People - and by people I mean readers so that could be any animal, mythological character or mineral type of non-people, whatever... we welcome all here - told me they did indeed want to join in the festivities so here's your chance!  
inspiration for you
Here's what you do: spend no more than 5 minutes - it's Friday and you're not doing anything anyway - making a small vignette with junk you have within reach.  We're doing this No Expectations style so just keep it ghetto.  Feel free to make it as normal or as absurd as you want; absurd is definitely more fun though.  I speak from experience.  A cocktail or two helps.  Let's show these magazine editorial stylists and designers that we have absolutely zero of their resources or skills but we make up for it in sheer awesomeness.  Unleash your creative beast!!!!  I think I'm going to change the name from 'Challenge' to 'Escapade' because 'challenge' sounds hard and I don't like to work but 'escapade' is way more fun just like the Janet Jackson video.

The 'secret ingredient' that everyone has to use is a piece of fruit.  Surely you all have some of that laying around and if not then you should be worried about scurvy or rickets or whatever thing you get if you don't eat fruit.  
here. Say no to scurvy but yes to silly design challenges.
And then once you have your masterpiece snap a picture using your shitty phone and email it to me at madamesunday [at] gmail [dot] com.  Feel free to add your own pretentious commentary or leave it up to me to narrate for you.  It'll be like Regretsy only you asked for it.  

Then I'll feature all the entries on the blog because you KNOW you want to be fake internet famous like me!  You're standing on the edge (the edge) The Edge (The Edge) THE EDGE (THE EDGE) THE EDGE!!!  I'm hanging on a moment with you.  It's near glory.   And fabulosity.

The winner will to be determined by ME and how many Pomojs (Pomojes?  Pomoi?) I've had to drink.  The most awesomest entry will receive a Jane Seymour Open Hearts necklace because I love you so much.

Just kidding.  You'll win nothing but the prestige of knowing you're the best at a shitty made up game, probably a tweet or two and maybe even a secret present made my me that may or may not include glitter and a signed picture of my giant avatar just like the one I got when I was 7 and joined the Dolly Parton fan club.  Aren't you excited??!!!

So take a few minutes to let your creative juices flow.  You'll thank me because just a few minutes of pure unadulterated creativity will keep you saucy for hours afterwards.  You're welcome.  But if you don't feel like being creative and think this is dumb then here are some images to get your juices flowing in whatever direction that you want.  
via The Brick House
via Bathwater

The Samitaur Tower by Eric Owen Moss via The Contemporist
I'll take all of them please!!!

Keep it saucy this weekend and send me your pictures by oh... next Tuesday.  

And don't be gettin any ideas about sending me nasty pictures of you doing unspeakable things to fruit.  I'll make sure to post them on top of the blog with your name all over it so we can shame you.  Unless that's what you want and then I'll do the opposite and keep them in my special file where no one can see them but me, you bunch of nasty perverts.

There may not be enough Pomojesess in the world to disinfect my eyes from what you freaks might send me.  Surprise me!  

I better publish before I regret this...


  1. Wow, Madame, that is gutsy!Have you been in the wine or pomojs tonight, you wild woman? I will have to find some fruit, I emptied the fridge of fruit over the weekend, I started Phase I of South Beach Diet on Tuesday. I hope I won't get scurvy going without fruit for 2 weeks!


  2. Cha-lanj!

    Dude, I'm so up for it. Off I go to get my fruit on...

  3. Brenda - I'm stone sober tonight! Surely you could borrow some fruit from a friend for a few minutes! Have fun on your South Beach! Sadly, it's not like the real beach... : (

    Raina - Don't do anything I wouldn't do! ; )

  4. Bri - mwahahahahaha! BRING IT!!

    Tammy - Thanks for participating! Yay for escapades!

    Nick - Lemme check Michelle Obama's new food plate and get back to you.

  5. Entry submitted! Let's get this mofo started ;)

  6. Entry received and noted. Well done, friend.