Monday, July 11, 2011

This makes me exceedingly happy.

The Rococo Borg vs. the association of Modernist Architects:

The Rococo Battle Cube

Rococo Drones

Architect Shock Troopers

SS Frank Gehry, Battlecruiser AMA

SS Mies van der Rohe, scout vessel

First Encounter

The Rococo borg Queen tackles the chief Architect
Mattias Adolffson really knows what I like.  See the rest of his portfolio here and particularly the awesome fantasy architectural drawings, the HousetreeStar Wars: The Baroque Version if Star Trek ain't your thang and all manner of robots:

I don't care who you are, that's cute.  

I need to start sketching again...

To build my army of fabulosity drones.


  1. Ha ha. Architects that look like beatniks with elbow patches : )

    MS, these are awesome.


  2. I thought y'all might like these as much as me! And that IS what architects look like right?!

  3. And now I have a new obsession. "Ornament is crime" bwahahahaha

    1. Looks like one that involves blood and an evidence trail...