Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I'm all rainbows on the inside.

I'm really glad I got that Pinterest rant out of the way.  It was really festering and making me a very cranky person and that is soo not me.  I'm full of sarcasm rainbows and passive aggressive bitterness sunshine and cabernet pinot noir.

But now that my rainbows can shine forth in all their glory like a Care Bear stare straight from my womb, I was rather drawn to this rainbow-colored house from Residence magazine I found at Blackbird 
Gimme a sec - I'm having a special moment with that art on the counter back there.
I feel confused because I don't like this kind of color story normally but I'm powerless against my sunshine and rainbow insides.  I'm even down for the exposed plywood grain because that's how chill I am right now.  YAY FOR MOTHERFUCKING PRIMARY COLORS!  Let's just enjoy some rainbows before my snark comes back.

Even their outfits are fucking adorable.
After looking at these adorable people I don't think I can snark at all anymore.  Apparently this girl is Jessica - a singer in Sweden.  I'm hoping she's more of a Sia type girl than a Kei$ha type girl...  Regardless, I can tell from this picture that I'm madly in love with her and her man friend.  You know how you sometimes have a crush on an entire couple and everything they do is the cutest thing ever and their smiles make kittens purr in your heart and you can't imagine them breaking up because it would destroy everything you know to be true about love and life and joy and plaid shirts???  Do you??!?  DO YOU???!!

Because that's how I feel about these strangers that I know nothing about.

Well hello, shiny blue floors!  You are unexpected but enjoyable.  Me and my new couple that I'm now the third wheel in an imaginary relationship with would have super fun nights in here playing games and doing whatever Swedish people do.  Meatball shucking contests?

Even in my made-up  life I'm the third wheel.  I suck at fantasizing.

Honestly, I don't know what the fuck is going on with these cartoon chairs but I really hate it when you judge my new boyfriend couple so back off with your attitude!!

Because this:

And this:
BLADOW.  It's so modern and sexy and EXACTLY LIKE MY NEW RELATIONSHIP!  We don't conform to society's conventional rules!

We're all about awesome black tile in the bathroom with rainbow accessories because that's how we roll.   Like rainbow sushi rolls...?

I don't know, I'm just kinda buzzing from the rainbows and plaid shirt and sister wife and my new house that I want to move into to start my new Swedish life full of sunshine and happiness and meatball shucking.

It's better than The Notebook.

But not better than blue shiny floors or black tile in a bathroom.


  1. I woke up this morning and I was completely full of rage and red Zin, but a result of reading about your new life...I am full of white, puffy clouds and cherry Kool-aid. I'll get to the point, though. If I don't get blue, shiny wood floors, I'm going to kidnap a goat and hold it for ransom. You can keep sister wife and baby bear...

    1. Thus the power of well done interiors! You can get drunk with your kidnapped goats all you want as long as you leave my new couple alone. Live your life of crime on your own time is what my grandma always says!

      Baby bear... *giggle*

  2. Yes blue, blue, yellow! It's like a grown up version of Babycakes' nursery. Fuck girly colors, I wanted POW colors for her....and now I dress her in girly colors ALL THE TIME due to cuteness. (Sidenote: I wish they made zombie footer pjs--get on it, etsy! Hmmm, maybe I'll make her a zombie plush doll. Right after I learn how to sew, of course.)

    Back to your new couple pyramid relationship-- definitely a good life choice. Fabulous interiors are worth all manner of man-sharing. :)

    1. Surely there's an ugly doll to fit your needs?!? Regretsy can probably help with the zombie footie pajamas...

      We all have to make sacrifices.