Thursday, March 8, 2012

I don't even have tags to fit this post but it has pretty things in it...

I don't know what it is lately but I'm tapping into my inner Daryl Hannah (we all have one) and digging some mermaids.  Please, no clam shell jokes. 

Just kidding, please leave them in the comments if you have any.  Duh.
dead fish
But of course I'm loving the art school weirdo-meets-Gareth Pugh-meets-Lisa Frank kind of mermaid - lot of dramatic (waterproof) eye makeup, outfits made of seaweed and leather and flippers colored like the murky depths of uncharted waters.  I want murk colored things!  It can be glittery murk because helloooo, I AM a mermaid.

You disgust me with your beautiful merskin and hauntingly innocent fish gaze.
Yes, exactly like this but with waaaay more middle fingers pointing to my mercrotch and replace the crown with one of those hats that you fill with beer and has tubes that go straight to your mouth.  Except I want wine, naturally.

Um... how'd ya get up there, huh?!
Maybe it's the recent discovery of my perfect drunken mermaid hut or my brief visit to the ocean or that I wrote an angry letter to Netflix for not having Splash on streaming (fucking assholes!!!) but I just can't explain it.  Nor can I explain what the fuck is going on with this photo shoot.

I found the top image through Jeffrey Campbell's - yes that one - amazing tumblr which is awesome but also confusing because he has a lot of mermaid inspiration posts but is a shoe designer.  Hhhmm....   Maybe all this mermaid stuff is really just a backhanded way that my brain is telling me to buy Jeffrey Campbell shoes.  ALRIGHT FINE!!

But I followed the link from JC to find where my spirit mermaid came from and found the motherload of mermaidness here.  I still have no idea what is going on but I leave you with this image:
This has really fucked up my mermaid fantasy...

But not my shoe one!!
Foxy Wood
Thank gawd.

If Jeffrey Campbell made flippers I'd probably dry hump a fish with my face to get some.


  1. "Jam out with your clam out!"
    -- Grayson, Top Chef: Texas

    1. *blushing giggle*
      -- Beverly, Top Chef: Texas

  2. Lacy, I'd like to give you a gift, and it is And in case that doesn't prove my appreciation of vous, Are Mermaids Halal?

    1. It feels like Christmas around here with such generous gifts of mermaidliness! I'm not sure where you found such gems (secrete mermaid fetish??) but my thanks!

      One question, is eating a mermaid cannibalism if you just eat from the tail part?