Thursday, March 29, 2012

Fifty Shades of Yes Please

Watch out for this mind-blowing way I'm going to introduce this blog post to you:

Since I've decided to tweak my dining room a bit I've had greys on the brain.

Unforgettable, right?!

Just like this wonky picture of my backsplash tile and vintage Haeger vase I got for $3 at a junk store (probably market value) that I'm using to illustrate my cheap, wonky vision to you, I want some black and white and grey and a hint of warm in the dining room.  With a sexy flair.  As if I could do something without a sexy flair, amiright?!  *eyebrow wiggle*

via Squirrel Hobbies
Although if I went a little post-apocalypse rocker chic with the grey I think that would be fine too.  I did dance around my kitchen very intensely to The Judds while making dinner so that makes me totally rocker legit.  Also, I need window shades...

This too because yes, I'm so urban.  As evidenced by my music selection.

Third jacket from the left is the fabric I want to reupholster my chairs.  A soft grey tweedy something of awesomeness. I'm not good with fabrics.  If it could smell like 'Urban Sunrise Manroot' that would be even better.

I got the sunshine covered.  Gonna have to work on the raw wood part...

Um... who threw that picture of my kitchen in there?  Good things those floors look easily cleanable because this room just reduced me to a big pile of wet.

These are more warm and black than grey but I threw those in because I want some industrial lighting for my patio out back.  I don't have furniture yet but minor details, y'all.  If anyone has any good options hit a Madame up otherwise I'm going to Target.

Not gonna lie, I fantasize about this haircut quite often.  However, I don't think it would really work with my Target cardigan I'll probably pick up when I'm patio light shopping.  I also don't think it would work on anyone unless you're the Asian equivalent of Lisbeth Salander which, if I was being completely honest with you, I'm not.


Hi my name is Madame Sunday and I have a suspender fetish.  I am powerless against it.  And I don't want to stop.  Unless stopping me involves tying my hands up with your suspenders in which case I'll be totally down for stopping...

Farmyard-Hilberbrink-Bosch Architects here
[MS Sidebar: speaking of sessy grey shit, I'm sure y'all have heard about this Fifty Shades of Grey book?  I knew it was BDSM erotica for the surburban set that's bananas popular right now and I was all 'high five' lady people!  But THEN someone told me it was Twilight fanfiction that became a book and told me the basic story and then it clicked - I've READ it!  I'm super pathetic and went through a fanfiction phase a few years ago - SHUT UP! - because obviously I needed waaay more filth than certain young adult books were bringing to the table.  Who knew I'm an early adopter of lady porn?!  Ok well, maybe we did know...]

Residence magazine via Nordic Design
I can't decide if I love or hate furs on wire chairs... but for now I say I'm fifty shades of yes please.

via La Maison d' Anna G

via The Black Workshop
Fifty shades of omigawd get in mah imaginary house.

quartz from here
I love this quartz image with the picture below...
via Greige Design
What the entrance to the ModSauce Ranch looks like in my head.  No wonder the mint green vinyl siding is always like a slap in the face when I see it.

from BZRshop
I can't get enough of these hombre tights this week.  I have calves like ham hocks (beautifully saucy ham hocks, of course) so I don't think I'll be wearing these ever but the grey fade with those shoes is killing me.  Softly.  Just like the Fugees song.

Office Supplies Incorporated via But Does It Float
I'm a sucker for collage.

Elle Decoration UK via Dressed for Men
And also a sucker for whatever it is that's going on this desk/office area.  Hot damn!  Just imagine how much more awesome this blog could be if I worked from there.  Someone rich should make that happen for me because I just spent all my money buying Mega Millions tickets.  

Actually...  maybe *I* could make that happen since I just learned the film rights to the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy have just been sold and the author went from fanfiction writer to jizzillionaire...

Hhhmm....  *strokes beard*

If you'll excuse me, I have some chairs to reupholster and some, uh... writing to work on.


  1. The Judds. hehe. You're so urban it isn't funny.

    1. If I tell you I mostly listen to gangsta rap (with a bit of Judds mixed in) does that make it better or worse?

    2. I don't judge.

      Oh. Wait. Yes I do.