Monday, April 9, 2012

Circles. It does a neuron good.

My brain, full of billions of neurons firing important sciencey shit at each other, is really just a sump pump.  I didn't know what that was (the sump pump, I obviously have the brain chemistry part down)  until I moved into the Ranch and had to have one installed in the crawl space.  It does get rather saucy around here...

When it gets too saucy the magic lever sends a message to the bucket to empty its contents saving me from a flooded mess.  And somewhere in my head there is a magic lever that tells my brain when it's time to purge its contents as well.  Often to disastrous results but you can't contain (or judge!) the overflow sometimes.

Fortunately this time it's rather tame and just a roundup of big black circles.  Which I already blogged about last year but the reservoir is full again and I have to free up some space to write some really important things about tv and Instagram so let the purging commence!
You'd think I did indeed discover the circle with how much I blog about it. More Bruno here.
Now that this ball is rolling (get it?! ZING!), we can get down to business and talk about important shit like tv.  Since I've watched all the episodes of Sherlock Holmes and have to wait until May for Season 2, I had to get my British fix somewhere so I started watching Dr. Who this weekend.  And by started, I mean I watched the entire 1st season like a fucking rabid dog because it's not like we have beautiful Spring weather right now, amiright?!

No source. Again. People that like black circles apparently hate sourcing.
Maybe time travel has me thinking about wormholes/black holes but I really hope my brain isn't as basic and literal as that. 

Well, it is a sump pump...

Idris Khan
However I will say that it gets pretty basic *eyebrow wiggle* while I'm watching my new imaginary boyfriend Christopher Eccleston make his Dr. Who sexy time mad face.  

via A Minute of Perfection
I know, but no spoilers.  This would just be easier if all y'all would just go ahead and watch it.  I hate being forced to keep my mouth shut about things.  (Big black hole subliminal message to myself to shut the fuck up once in awhile...????)
via Ultra Violett
Feel free to comment about your personal Dr. Who obsession (I KNOW YOU HAVE ONE) at the bottom to make me feel better.

No source. Thanks for shit, tumblr people.
Look! All black and white and sciencey and vintage...  I love it.  

But not more than Dr. Who.

via Input but original source?
Egg-zactly.  And that's the closest thing to an Easter reference you're going to get around here.

Sarah Berdhard
Unless zombie jeezus likes to disco and watch sci fi...?  I fucking hope so!

Ova Slika via Metaconscious

spiraling electrons via Input

Eunice Kim via Planetary Folklore

Oh sorry - I zoned out and watched another episode of Dr. Who between those pictures.  I don't know who says blogging is quick but each of my posts is at least 4 episodes long.  This is my craft and all. 

So are you done with circles?
via Coffee and Air
Well since you asked...
via Young Folk Society
Motherfucking DUH!  

Bernard Aubertin
Seriously, I don't know why I collect this shit.  I need an immortal alien genius to decipher my sump pump brain.  

Perhaps alone... 

Surely the TARDIS has a good corner that would be perfect for dry humping...
Martha Richter
In a completely unrelated topic, you can download for free an entire series of these wood grain prints.  You'll probably see them on my wall next week.  If I actually have any time when I'm not busy finishing the entire Dr. Who series and most definitely getting to that Torchwood marathon that's been a year in the making.

astronomy wall hanging circa 1850 via Planetary Folklore
Hey, these circles don't collect themselves!  It takes hours for hipsters on tumblr to find this shit for me.  We should all get a TARDIS just to make our Pinterest and Netflix obsessions a little easier to manage.  

Jacob van Loon
We'll probably all have one by 2015.  You can trust me on this.  I'm really good with sciencey shit.

And keeping crawl spaces dry.


  1. When my British sump pump fails it tends more towards Katty Kay than Dr. Who though the backlog is similar I suspect. Love all the circular refereneces!

    1. Good choice - she seems like a badass. Do you think that's her real name... Katty Who?! And I'm glad that someone else likes circles too. It makes me think I didn't force anyone to sit through my overflow of boring.

  2. Couldn't you use your time travel abilities to fast forward to May when the Sherlock Holmes series starts again? Can you take me with you as I, too got hooked on that show. Those accents are so round and circly! (K)

  3. youre on the wrong track,
    pyramids are where its at.



    version of sherlock holmes is superior

    see here: