Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Sunday Set: Blogging for lazy people. And nerdy cavewomen.

I'm pretty sure this week was somehow located in a wormhole of slow time because gaaaawwwwddd can't I just eat some leftover clearance candy from Easter yet??  I deserve a medal of awesomeness (or a tshirt from the AIA: American Institute of Awesome?!) for just having survived it upright.  

Upright counts as laying on the couch, right?!


My week - all 1200 days of it - has been a lot of pretty things that I'm too tired to do anything but grunt at like a (partially drunk) cavewoman.  All that's sprinkled with a bunch of super nerd stuff.  Yeah, it doesn't make any sense to me either.  Come join me as we reminisce!
World of Interiors via Design Crisis
Wallpaper and chair grunt.

Disco lighting grunt.

via GQ
Bringing the Impy sex back grunt.

via Casa de Valentina
Lace-up chair grunt.

Heather Nette King via The Design Files
Blue blue blue grunt.

Michio Kaku
Went to see a lecture by Michio Kaku about his latest book of futuristic awesomeness although sadly he didn't talk too much about string theory grunt.  (extra nerdy grunt just for good measure)

via WanderWorldWonderLust
Wigtastic make-up grunt.

via Design Traveller
Bricks and Bill Cosby grunt.

Serge Lutens via Sisterwolf
Cirque du Soliel clown gypsy grunt.

Jazz by Kenneth Nolan via Reference Art Gallery
Super banana-fana yellow grunt.

via Swim Class
Maybe even banana-fana and tomato together grunt because I'm just that crazy and painted my nails yellow this week while I'm carrying a red purse...  Grunt.

Doug Aitkens via NYT
Red supernova grunt.

here's a sneak peak of season 2 caption grunt
I've watched the first season on Netflix and canNOT wait until season 2 finally gets its happy ass to the States grunt.

via Well Fed
Definitely what I'll be doing this weekend pure fabulosity grunt.

Just kidding, I'll be working in the yard with chipped yellow nails grunt.


  1. Sherlock coming to PBS in May! :)

  2. Yay!!! Thanks Wendy and Lacy! Expected to diss Sherlock since I am a huge Jeremy Brett fan but dang it swept me off my feet! Oh and Bill Cosby rocks!

    1. I have the best most informed readers! And yes, I was seriously hooked on this version. And Bill Cosby forever, yo.

  3. Wanna go post Easter candy shopping with me? The sugar content and calories go down by half post holiday. (K)

    1. Um, hell yes I would! I like your food math - the percentage of the price the candy is marked down is the percentage of the calories are cancelled out! Genius!

      Happy 50% off weekend!

  4. I may paint my dining room table blue.

    Blue grunt.