Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My heart is broken but I'm awesomely stylish.

In efforts to keep with the theme of yesterday's post I scooted my little technophobic ass over to Polyvore to flesh out my story.  It's a handy little site that lets you bring together a bunch of images to create an oh-so-stylish collage.  It's mostly geared towards fashion but maybe they'll be more decor-friendly soon.  Unless they want to start including the clearance rack at Target since that's where I get my clothes and it'd be really cool to pull those outfits together on their site.  Swear to god it took me hours to get this one little group put together but now that I know what the hell I'm doing I think it'll be muuuuch faster and with better results in the future.  I think it's going to be quite addictive too!  Go and play everybody!!!

As you wish...
The dress is Vera Wang bridal collection Spring 2010 - it should be more tattered, dirty and tear-stained but you'll have to use your imagination. Everything else is probably too expensive for anyone to afford so don't bother.  Check out the list of everything I included here if you must.  Yes that little heart is made of fool's gold because this ethereal lady was betrayed if you remember.  The heart is a lonely shopper.  The furniture is from artist Maarten Baas.  He is actually Dutch too (just like the designer yesterday) but I only realized that afterword.  Yeah synchronicity!!!   I saw some of his pieces in New York at Moss a few years ago and thought they were pretty bitchin.  He sets iconic furniture on fire (using a flamethrower fireplace??) and then right before they become structurally damaged he puts them out then coats them in epoxy.  The wood is completely charred and cracked and really beautiful.  Now I know what you're thinking  - WTF????  But it's art* and I like it and I'm the one writing this here blog so SUCK IT!!!!!!!

*ok so I was at an art museum one time (I'm looking at you Pompidou Center) and they had, no joke, 4 blank canvases that were set on fire and then put out all by different artists.  One dude even took a video of it and played it like a performace art piece.  One crispy canvas = cutting edge modern pyro art.  But FOUR?????!!!!!   Nice try Frenchies. 

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