Sunday, October 24, 2010

Facets are a girl's best friend

I'm still blog purging.  Please enjoy this selection of facet and triangular goodness that I've been storing in my Bank of Fabulosity since last winter so pardon me if you're already sick of seeing it.   What's good about the Bank of Fabulosity is that there are no overdraft fees, I don't have to make deposits using a drive-thru teller and it's so mediocre there's no worry that it's too big to fail.  The bad thing is that there is no compound interest.  As a matter of fact I think you lose interest over time - hence the purging before ALL interest is lost. 


Olivia Jeffries via mint

Gerard Caris via Grain Edit
From the 70's (didn't we just talk about that?) but totally relevant.


Xaviar Veilhan
So insanely awesome...  If it was possible to be friends with a giant piece of yellow art I want to be friends with her.

Provokator branding concept via Behance

The Casa da Musica by Rem Koolhaas in Porto, Portugal built in 2005 and the logo and brand identity using the facade elevations.  The logo can then be used to create custom color graphics for the user (I have no idea why) which you can see on the source site

last three via Kathy Kavan's Another Design Blog
 These are freeze frames of an animated logo that represents the weather (and offers a brand of sorts) for the Nordic town of Nordkyn.

Kathy Kavan uses the logo of the Koolhaas building and Nordkyn's helpful tourist info to illustrate the trend of polymorphic brand identities:

These design systems are flexible, intriguing, sometimes generative and show a 'living' element to the branding that adds another level of interest to the identity

A level of interest, I think, where the user is engaged and necessary to the uniqueness of the brand itself.  That's pretty genius.  I think her analysis also applies across the whole trend too. Angles and facets are the result of crystallization (I guess. What am I a scientist or something?); a natural process that feels both precious and primitive and inherently changing - somehow feeling “alive” in its ever-compounding state. They could also be manmade which still involves a process but I don’t want to get too technical because it’s ruining my story. Aaaaanyway, this “organic” feeling contrasts nicely with the rigidity of its sharp lines and corners giving each piece a dynamic “personality” if you will. (Will you? WILL YOU GAWDDAMMIT?!)

I think there is also the implied element of time. Whether it is a quickly freezing water droplet or the slow millennial creep of a geomorphic element, looking at a faceted object feels like a still moment in time.  Or perhaps at the very least some amount of time in the process to create said piece of fabulosity.  It speaks of past movement and future growth and nothing says “FUTURE” like 80’s vector graphics and pointy things.  Really it’s about ancient rocks and future technology, static lines and implied movement. Oh yeah, usually it’s shiny. Squee!!

Just like this chair!

I don't really care about the wallpaper I'm just digging the groovy chair and vase thingy.  AND the tulip table = forever love.

Pure hawtness via Color Buzz
Urban Archeology's Origami tile wallpaper which won Interior Design's Best of the Year: Wall Surface.  Yes, it's TILE y'all!

Table (?) things I would totally own if I knew where to find them and had a jillion dollars.

Justin Lamont via The Design Files

Yes it's bowler hat lighting dude Jake Phipps.  Don't know if I want a bowler hat pendant lamp but I squee hard for this mirror.

Ferm Living puts it on everything.

Make a blanket from it...
wooden textiles (!) by Elisa Strozyk

And you can wear it too...

spinthread's etsy

Earshell via Design Milk
Um... think I'd rather have the necklace.

To get the design of the shoe you use some kind of new computer software design thing-y where you digitally fragment the object or something, in this case a shoe....  I don't know, it sounds complicated like the logo software above.  But if shoes aren't your thing you can get a FUCKING LAMBORGHINI!!!

BLADOW!  I don't know if you can actually buy this but whatever.  It's awesome and I bet it's completely stealth.  Except when being hauled on the trailor through some ghetto town.

I can't top a Lamborghini even though I could keep posting angle-y things forever but you get the idea. 

Also, I should get bonus points for not saying I was "facet-nated!" anywhere in the post.  I almost said facet-icular but I did stop myself.  I AM able to draw the line sometimes! 

[MS sidebar: I'm not.]


  1. I will gawddammit! I will! What am I gonna do again?

  2. I don't know I've forgotten already too... I suck at the "blogging" thing.

  3. 1. I think we had a deck light just like the 3rd picture down. It was definitely from the 70s.
    2. Have you seen the "whale" science museum in Amsterdam? I think it's similar to the Spanish thingie up there.
    3. I think that yellow lady was your BFF, until she pissed you off looking for her hidden stash of cheap wine.

  4. 1. Jealous.
    2. I haven't! I think some googling is in my near future...
    3. That bitch.

  5. Not gonna say anything facetious. Just boggled my noggin with all that scientific crystallization yammering. WoWzA! I knew there was a nerd lurking beneath all that glam eyeshadow - I bet you have closets full of pastel lab coats and clean room stiletto booties. I think I will go watch Brian Froud's Dark Crystal and let my mind wander.

  6. I SQUEEEEEE for the Dark Crystal so hard!! Apparently I've had a facetnation (I couldn't help it) with crystals for quite some time.

    And if I boggled your noggin it means that I've confused you from seeing how little I actually know. Well done Madame. But I still have plenty of lab coats - science and all.