Thursday, October 7, 2010

Iron Maidens and Cotton Skulls

I wish I was clever enough to make all this up but I'm not - it's all true.  Meet Boo Davis (best name ever) and her quilt company known as Quiltsryche (insert umlaut for best company name ever).  It's like Gee's Bend took a field trip to Seattle and got stuck in a mosh pit for awhile.

I have a special place in my heart for quilting and needle crafts probably because I'm a genteel Southern lady who appreciates heritage crafts, fine details and a good deal at my local thrift store.   There's also a special place in my heart for a bit of Metallica.  

Beastie prototype

 Boo says:
Quiltsryche [insert umlaut] is my evil quilt studio.  I make modern heirloom quilts just like your metal-loving, half blind Grandma would.  

My Grandma might make a quilt that says 'HIPPIES BURN IN HELL' but I bet if I asked her nicely she would quilt some Rage Against the Machine lyrics for me if I didn't explain what they meant to her.  

Does Not Compute
Robot love.

Love It or Leaf It

Skullfucked 3

Skullfucked 1


Or if you wanted something a little less death metal (pussy) there's always something like this:

Quilt in the Headlights

I'm A Wiener

But I know you'd rather have this one:

Rock Out

If you had your Grandma quilt it upside down maybe you could get away with it...  More images at If It's Hip, It's Here.  

Oh yeah, and rock out with your cock out this weekend.  I don't really know what the lady version of that is...  Spaz out with your vag out???  It just doesn't have the same ring to it.   Y'all be thinking...


  1. hell of devil horns to ya find. I also feel so much more worldly after reading this stuff...that is madamemail dosen't always work (ok -- venting) but love the last three posts One comment three posts -- how's that for thinking -- well i just get around and spread it around. hearts madame my madame and g'day.

  2. 1. Sometimes I post AFTER Madamemail is automtically generated each day. Perhaps you should join the 21st century and get an aggregator. (ok - venting) ; )

    2. Thank you!

  3. The lady version of rock with your cock out is skooch with your cooch out.

  4. Like how a dog skooches his ass across the floor? Ok yeah that sounds about right...

  5. These are the coolest quilts I've ever seen. EVER. My house will not be complete until I have Skullfucked 1 draped across my sofa or my bed. I think the lady version could be blitz out with your tits out.

  6. YESSS!! ahahahahah! Well done. And Ms. Boo also does custom orders... just sayin. She also has a book on how to make your own but I ain't got time for that!

  7. Paul and the Madame are killing it (and me) this morning! Comedy tag team!

  8. Paul had a great idea that we could be a design team as well - he's the brains of the operation kinda like Bill Nye the science guy and I'll be the purty lady like Candice Olson. Actually since he's the desinger he'll be Candice too... I have no idea what my role in this is now.

  9. You get everyone liquored up so they'll buy whatever it is you two are selling.

  10. Done. This is gonna be the best QVC/HGTV program EVAR!!!

  11. Sign me up. My only requirement is that we do guest segments with washouts from Hoarders.

  12. Here are some more:

    Strut out with your nuts out.
    Push out with your tush out.
    Holla back with your nut sack.
    Zone out with your bone out.
    Punt out with your cunt out.
    Fall out with your balls out.
    Pass out with your ass out.
    Kick out with your dick out.
    Get cursed out with your purse out.
    Wuss out with your puss out.
    Tweet out with your twat out.
    Skip out with your lips out.
    Wig out with your twig out.
    Schlep out with your schlong out.
    Nod out with your rod out.
    Sing out with your thing out.
    Conk out with your wonk out.
    Get out with your clit out.
    Eat out with your meat out.
    Slink out with your pink out.

    More to follow...

  13. Y'all are the most awesome people ever. I'm particularly partial to "slink out with your pink out" - not that I ever do that of course.

  14. Tune out with your tuna out.
    Sing a song out with your dong out.
    Go on out with your loins out.
    Holla out with your hoohah out.
    Blitz out with your bits out.
    Throb out with your knob out.
    Send your taxes out with your axe wound out.
    Dash out with your gash out (in a sundress, Sookie).
    Work out with your pork out.
    Lay out with your labia out.
    Sauce it out with your sausage out.

  15. I really like your commitment to this post as well as your commitment to saucing out with your sausage out...

  16. One more!

    Get laughed out with your shaft out!

    1. Only if Joe Biden does the laughing! ; )

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