Thursday, October 14, 2010

Carpe Diem: The Sunday Glitter Gulch Story.

Despite the fact that I post about a lot of collage on this blog I do appreciate all kinds of art because I'm well-rounded and edumicated.  But this post is not about proving to you that I am those fancy things.  It's about collage.   

Cool collages with vintage-y things by Robert Mars via Notpaper.   

He also has a book for purchase which is such a coincidence since Christmas is about two days away, y'all.  START SHOPPING SLACKASSES!!!!

If collages don't do it for you L@@K!!  
A nipple!!  

Also, I'm changing the name of this blog to Sunday's Glitter Gulch.

Have you bought that book yet?!  WTF??   All my presents are already wrapped in coordinating packaging and under my impeccably decorated glitter tree that smells like little baby jeezus and cinnamon pinecones!!  

Every day I used to pass a great vintage sign at an abandoned seven room hotel known as the Peach Motel (best sleazy hotel name ever).  Trees and weeds were growing unfettered all around the sign until eventually all you could see was 'Pea Mo' which made me love it even more and I vowed to bring the Camera of Amazing Awesomeness to document it.  I vowed for about a year but before I could actually get my slackass out of the car and do it someone tore it down to sell the lot.  Sadness.  

Moral of the story: never put off tomorrow what you could do today whether it's Christmas shopping or hugging your sleazy neighborhood crack whore hotel like it's the last.  


  1. I am sorry you missed the sign photo opportunity. I am sure you camera would have enjoyed taking the photo. I enjoyed the collages, though I am not ready to think about Christmas yet. I need another 8 or 9 months before I will be ready.

  2. That'll be the perfect time to start thinking about Christmas for 2011. I think I'll request a free copy of your ebook. No wrapping required!

  3. Love it! OOOh it gives me such great love the nip call-out. Awesome Sauce.

  4. I think a nip is always worth calling out! Glad you enjoyed - now go make fabulous things!

  5. Sadness! great story on the Peach Motel (yes . . best name EVER). and you certainly are a role model (nothing smart here) moral of the story -- she who slacks is lost. thanks for sharing. ms.

  6. "She who slacks is lost" is the truest thing ever spoken. I should tattoo it on my body so I'll be forced to look at it every day and DO something. Of course I could always wear long sleeves...

  7. Aw, you updated your self description! :-)

    Alas, I am also freshly thirty. Sadness.

    It won't be long before our letters start falling off. You'll be __dam_ __nday, which sounds kinda rough (in a good way), and I'll be _rz__c_, which is totally unpronounceable. Boo.

  8. I AM a little rough... ; ) But no one will notice the difference in your name because Zrzuce is unpronouncable as is. Let's skip off into the sunset of aging 30-somethingness holding hands. Cats welcome.

  9. Freshly thirty is the new forty-leven. Which still leaves me in the glittery dust of your warp speed refined tastes! I am content to amble along in the Madame's contrail of impeccability, perking up at the occasional glimpse of tender collaged flesh and the oh-so-racy language dripping from your ruby lips. I may not be very skippy, but I do have cats. Nice ones.

  10. A vintage hotel for pay-by-the-hour crackwhores is so refined, I know. You might need to hold your pinkie up when you drank that plastic cup of gin and juice as you amble along. No skipping necessary - I'm from the South where we do everything at a leisurely stroll.