Monday, October 4, 2010

Just some man-teriors p0rn

While recently reading my favorite online skateboarding mag defgrip (yeah...  I wouldn't say a regular reader) I found a collection of images from the latest dynamic design duo Roman and Williams and it made me sit up a bit straighter.  They've designed the interiors for the Ace and Standard hotels - I think there's a line of bath accessories and a store in Brooklyn.  Look I'm not an encyclopedia!!  You can google it if you're interested but I'm not going to buy anything there or stay at those hotels so I'm not gonna waste my time on creating hyperlinks you're not going to click on anyway.  But maybe y'all readers are fancy so you can afford it but since you're reading this blog I'm gonna go with NO you're not so don't worry about it. 

 I know these images are mostly old and slightly cliched but seeing them all together kinda makes me tingly.  The power of numbers.  Well, except if you're watching Sister Wives and then 'more' is just fucking weird.  And that's saying a lot because the Madame has a really high tolerance for weird shit.  

And since we've seen all these maybe it's like a farewell to this look.  Or not.  I really like this black masculine thing...  And the Beat light...  but let's agree to work on the forced staging.  It's kinda counter-intuitive to the man vibe.  

I know, I KNOW - shells and stuffed heads and thrift store gallery walls - but if you take away your blog filter because you spend waaaaay too much time reading design blogs then you'd like it.  Maybe.  But there's no filter that can sort away the fuckery of Sister Wives from my mind.  

It's like they said "I see your standard cowhide rug and I raise you a sabertooth yeti."

I dig it but really needing a lucite box filled with girly things to set somewhere...

from DwellStudio
Those two black kitchens are new to me and I don't care what you say they are straight up sexy.  I need to completely start over on my kitchen plan.  Well I am going with black floors so it's kinda like I'm already there.  High five Madame.

That picture is hawtness.

You know you like it... Also, there are corvids in the top left ftw.

I still kinda like these two even though these pics are played out and all that shit piled up makes me *eyeroll* but let's just pretend we have maids.  You can also play a fun game by trying to count the number of vintage fans, architectural files and oddly shaped wooden chairs you see in their spaces.  Who ever gets the most wins a ModSauce door prize.  (It's just a button you can pin on your jean jacket that says "Shut up and blog" but it's still pretty awesome.)

Ahhh the white is nice even though I don't understand that monolithic block of a range hood...??  Just put your thumb over it.

last two from Desire to Inspire
Whoa!!!  Can.  Not.  Compute.  I guess when they pick a theme they really go for it.  Just think how many sister wives you could fit on those ottomans.


  1. I just used it in a sentence didn't I? You can thank Amy Winehouse for it I believe...

  2. Yup its a word... is it still swearing if it is in a dictionary? :)