Thursday, February 3, 2011

Denial is a river of moody blues and emerald waters...

I like to think that I'm an open-minded Madame and use this blog to discuss a variety of thought-provoking and culturally significant topics like cheese and haircuts and design trends.  In reality though, it's all just to promote my own personal agenda.  Sometimes that agenda is, in fact, cheese and haircuts.  But today I'm totally going to abandon my agenda to talk about one such culturally significant topic like a color movement I'm witnessing that is in no way related to what I personally like.  

Apartment Therapy
It's about jewel tones.

And feathers.
Things Organized Neatly via Head Over Heels
Ok not the feathers (this time) but I just happen to think their colors are important.  Like, for the world.  They could bring peace to Egypt I think.  Just like these:
Yuuuuuum.  For you. via Studio Toogood
The future of color right there.

But I'm not showcasing these shades because I've had the below image on my personal inspiration board for the last 2 years.
Possibly from C magazine...  ??

Or that I want to eat every meal for the rest of my life in this room
via Head Over Heels
It's because I'm an impartial journalist of color and design.  Only the facts, y'all.
via Studio Toogood

dishes via elephant ceramics

Just like how my birthstone is sapphire which is soooo opposite this dreamy Lapis ring.
Billy Bride Jewelry found via Head Over Heels

Lawd knows I hate some beautifully dramatic interiors - I'm just doing this to show you what's hot  so you can impress your friends with your infinite knowledge of rooms you'll never visit.
Solid Frog

I'm thinking these deep blues are starting to get a little more cobalt.

via Busy Being Fabulous

And definitely work well with some other bright colors.  Not like I would care or anything...
New Zealand mushroom via oddee
I hate mushrooms so it's safe to say this heart-exploding cuteness was completely for you and to show I'm a fair and balanced reporter. 

via The Flavor
I assure you I did NOT squee when I saw that vintage magazine cover.

the Paul Smith store via Just Above Sunset
Uh oh, let's steer away from the Honeysuckit.  We've already had our fill of this year.  Apparently House Beautiful didn't get the message since the March issue came in the mail today and it's all about the "power of pink."  And so it has begun...

photography by Jed Root
That's better.  Indigo on roller blades.

Let's bring it on home...
Ann Sacks Aura tile

via Eye Spy

via Full House

I'm sure these shades of emerald are in no way related to my deep and undying love for this masterpiece.
I'm not joking.  I adore this movie.
And certainly not Romancing the Stone either...  

Vogue UK via Fashion Gone Rogue

Rydeng's blog

Studio Toogood via What Makes Us Blog
Or the fact that my previous avatar background was deep green because I look awesome in that color since it matches my piercing eyes.  Up until the age of about 15 I wanted to go to college at Notre Dame soley because I would look good in their colors.  Until I learned they don't have biscuits and gravy up there.  I can't live in a state where that doesn't exist within 5 minutes of any place I might be.

Gravy aside (it's always good on the side), I'm thinking this Spring will have a lot of citron and chartreuse that are completely not the shade of Charlemagne's eyes nor the new shade of her avatar.

via myles henry blog

two from Studio Toogood
Include in this year's hotness yellowed ochre which is no where near similar to my living room wall color.

Jed Root
And it's all definitely, DEFINITELY, unrelated to how much I like jazzy tutus and big hair.


  1. MS, I love your yummy commentary on colors. Super delicious!

  2. Zoe - thank you kindly! I do love these and it's just coincidence, coincidence I tell you, that they are trending right now. ; )

  3. I sure as hell hope that the name of the particular shade of blue on the shadowy wall in the room I'll never visit is "daynight".

    I have a recurring dream that's haunted me every so often for as long as I can remember. In it the night sky is this color while the ground is bright and lit like mid-day…

    Freakish I know; I shed my mantle of denial long ago, I OWN that freakishness!

  4. Izzy - own it! That dream sounds rather sinister... I kinda dig it. I also dig your color naming sense - daynight is now my new favorite color!

  5. You really like The Wizard of Oz? I hate that movie. And now, thanks to you, I'm going to start having nightmares again about those damn flying monkeys.

  6. David - no! I don't like Wizard of Oz that much (although I do like Wicked...) I like the Return to Oz which is the "sequel" to it done in the mid 80's. It's awesomely dark and weird. If flying monkeys give you nightmares then you do not need to see this movie!