Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Extreme Makeover: Saucy Edition (spoiler alert: it's not extreme)

I got a haircut.

And a makeover. 

Yeah, it's purple eyeshadow.  I make it look hot.  And I just can't seem to give up the pearls.  I feel positively naked without them!  If there was a way to surgically implant my bump-it and weave then I'd do it.  Until then it's just me, a couple of empty coke cans to roll my hair on and a can of hairspray every day.   I'm practical like that.

Even Charlemagne got in on the action



  1. When you wrote implant my 'bump it', I read "Bop It." You know the game. Bop it, twist it, pull it. Alright! That was a fun game for like 35 seconds then i wanted to find the woman who did the voiceover and punt her. That's not too gentlemanly of me, but boy was she annoying.

    Anyhow, you can see my initial dismay at you proposed surgery. Thank goodness I figured out like .643 seconds after reading 'Bop it" that it said 'bump it'. Which I have no idea what a bump it is other than a shot in volleyball.

    Digging the new looks though. Classy.

  2. Jamey - thanks! My longer hair was really getting in the way of my martini drinking. A bump it is a little device that women insert on the back of their head to - get this: create a bump so they can fake big hair. It is dumb. And should be punted too. Along with the people that wear them.

  3. Nice! The new do has a subtle 50's retro vibe.

    Your "empty coke-can hair rollers" is a demonstration of your ingenuity. After the "apocalypse" in 2012, that ingenuity will ensure you'll be (a way more fabulous) Aunty Entity. Ruling (chatavegas) bartertown with an iron fist (a role I'm pretty sure you'd rock).

    By the way, diggin' the purple eyeshadow.



  4. Izzy - gawd, I'll have your baby just for making the Aunt Entity reference. I lurve me some Tina like you don't even KNOW!!! I shoulda drawn my hair like hers... next year.

    Come the apocalypse, I'd be a fair but just ruler. Maybe. ; )

  5. Wow. what a hot mama. I'm so glad you already picked a GC. It could have turned into the dating game with your hotness.

  6. Alycia - oh gawd. Combining my shitty romantic luck with my shitty GC luck would have been a disaster of EPIC proportions! Even more so than it is right now... I mean the remodel not my dating life. Although that is too... dammit!

  7. I want to see before and afters!

  8. Zrzuce - you've seen the before. It was yeterday's avatar!!???!!!