Sunday, February 6, 2011

This makes me exceedingly happy.

via Behance

Almost like what the living room of ModSauce Ranch felt like in the early days...  


  1. The first photo brought back memories. In my freshman year of college, I pledged a fraternity. I wasn't really the fraternity type but I had little choice - as an out-of-state student I wasn't able to get a dorm room and my parents didn't want me to live off-campus alone (probably wise). Soon after my dorm rejection letter arrived so did letters from fraternities offering to let me stay in their houses for a few weeks, until I could make other arrangements or decided to pledge. The letter from Phi Sigma Kappa was particularly friendly and they even offered to meet me at the airport.

    Fast forward a few weeks and I had pledged Phi Sigma Kappa. The chapter held meetings on Monday evenings - pledges weren't welcome. My roommate had an El Camino and someone had a portable television (not very common in 1980) so we'd load up the car with the TV and a few chairs and head to a parking lot to watch Monday Night Football. We'd arrange the chairs in a semi-circle, place the TV on the tailgate and enjoy the warm Tucson evenings.

    So, where's the El Camino in the photos?

  2. I really like that first photo. I love how the light creates a room out of the darkness.

  3. David - #1. a fraternity? *shudder* But I guess we can still be friends... #2. I think it's either really good or really bad when a comment is longer than my actual post. I'm gonna go with good. #3. I was born in 1980. #4. I think we're sitting ON the El Camino looking at these scenes. ; )

    Zrzuce - ahhh... do you really need walls to create space then?!

  4. Madame - #1. Yeah, I know... #2. I think it's longer than my blog today too. #3. You really know how to hurt a guy. #4. I thought as much.

  5. The middle photo makes it look fun, what with that lovely sun. The first and last just look like a place you'd wait just before the Slasher comes for you. Ick. Creep me out. And I now feel extra ill knowing that David is a frat brat. And I was born in 1980 too, if by "born" you mean I was in college

  6. You most certainly don't. The best example is The Cathedral of Light, which was used at the Nuremberg Rallies during the Nazi era. Using nothing but light and dark to create space really is a cool idea.