Friday, February 11, 2011

A brief visual interlude. (dirty bit)

Sometimes I forget that there are rooms that make up a home other than a kitchen with all its damn garbage disposals and grout colors and other boring shit that I'm totally consumed with right now.  The designy part of my brain needs to have a weekend at a sweat lodge where I'm cleansed and then dance in a drum circle.   I need dirty and gritty and found-in-the-garbage-dump and vintage bohemia and hippies.


Ok maybe grown-up hippies live here but I'll take it.  I bet they still don't spend hours calculating the correct amount of lumens necessary for their kitchens.  

Note to self: do not climb those stairs after a box of wine.

Hippies sure know how to carve the shit out of some mountains to make a bathtub.

You thought antlers and taxidermied birds were edgy?  How about a motherfuckin ALLIGATOR?

I don't care what you say I'm putting a jar of feathers in the kitchen!

SHIT!  I totally forgot about window treatments!  Well, neighbors will just have to watch the renovation happen and then bask in the afterglow.  I don't have the brain capacity to care about window shades right now. (dirty bit)

I bet if you are in this space and you start talking about the CFM range for vent hoods a hippie will fly through a window and punch you in the lady balls.  

Yeah those are painted mattresses as art.  I bet you couldn't make that look good. 

Oh wait - we're getting to the badlands.  My eyes feel dusty just looking at this...

all images via inside inside
Damn, hippies.  You win.  I'll get back to my boring things. (dirty bit)


  1. #1 - lumens and CFM!? Textile designer's are ALWAYS working the practical applications of physics.

    #2 - I'll admit a stuffed 'gator is edgy. I'd totally keep one in my house (if I caught it with my own hands).

    #3 - Having been born in the badlands (no joke) I dig the gritty outside, but I prefer it to actually BE outside. After all, the burning man would be a disaster if it were an indoor event.


  2. #1 - As soon as I figure out what physics actually encompasses I'll be all over applying it to something saucy.

    #2 - Crikey!

    #3 - If Burning Man was inside people wouldn't be able to ride around on their steampunk bicycles. I think that's basic physics.

  3. Where did you find those photos of my sister, Alexandra's place? And when will you be posting photos of your hunky contractors? Or someone's hunky contractors. Why do we underpay you completely if not for hunky photos?

  4. Painted mattresses Who know, but peopl create art from anything.

  5. Fun and Fit sisters: I doubt I will be posting any pics of my contractors because I didn't see any bulging muscles or a willingness to expose themselves on the internet like I have.

    Tonia - You're right but I do believe that is the first painted mattress I've seen. I need to be more creative...