Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Inaugural Sunday Set

I come across so much amazing awesomeness on my interweb adventures that you guys regrettably never get to see.  Some of it is best left to the shadowy confines of my browsing history but some of it DESERVES to be seen!!  And then promptly forgotten as you make your way onto other sites just like I do.  So from time to time I'll be posting a dump of random inspirational images that have made pause lately.  We'll call it the Sunday Set because I can't think of anything else to call it and if you're a blogger you have to title things in cute ways so says the handbook you get when join the club.  The handbook is really just a Lisa Frank trapper keeper with some ripped out Elle Decor pages stuffed inside. 

Without further ado, Sunday's cool shit:   

via textiles and other such things
It doesn't have to be on Sunday but any day of the week because I'm a rebel like that.  And there may or may not be any commentary from me either because it's all just visual inspiration that I'm giving you to feed your insides.  Insides that, like mine, feed off of awesomeness.  

Canoe that haunts my dreams via slyAPARTMENT
So not a word from me...

Ian Francis via Booooooom

via This Is Glamorous

via The Selvedge Yard
(pssst....  I'm whispering because I'm not supposed to be talking.  I saw an actual Delorean on the interstate this weekend.  I don't think I've ever seen one that Alex P. Keaton wasn't driving.  It was so horribly awesome I almost ran off the road.  That little tiny window-in-a-window rolls down by the way.  I know because there was a cigarette hanging out of the one I saw.  I tried to see if there was a mullet inside but all I saw was the wispy mustache of a 40 year old man boy.)

katieannyates via Bijou and Boheme

via Designspiration
Sometimes there might be a theme to the set and sometimes not.  Today it's just a random smattering of things.  It's really all at my discretion according to Chapter 2 of the Lisa Frank Blogger Handbook.  Chapter 1 tells you to post a lot of pictures of macarons.  I'm going to fail this blogging test.

via Brian Paquette Interiors

Metropolitan Home via Desire to Inspire

And to conclude, the video that made my weekend.

Hydraulics bring people together with awesomeness.  Omigawd just like Sunday Set!!!!!!  I might just pass the blogging test after all...


  1. I love that canoe! And did the Delorean have a working flux capacitor?? :-D

  2. Sadly it did not. If it did I might have actually run off the road for real!

  3. From one archivist to another, excellent images MS!

    The canoe reminds me of the dazzle ship painting schemes from the world war (sometimes I'm interested in history).

    The Mineral looking thing is really sweet too.


  4. I JUST saw a collection of painted ships this week but I forgot where... damn my inconsistent archiving skills!!

    Hooray for archivists of random shit!!

  5. Cool pix, Madame...I enjoyed them all. How is the kitchen? Can't wait to see pix!

    Brenda Lynn

  6. Thanks Brenda! Kitchen is going... I'll know in a few hours just HOW it's going! ; ) Updates soon!

  7. Where are the glacier photos? Everything's better with glacier photos. OK, maybe not everything. But almost. Let me know if you need some. Glacier photos.

  8. Where does one get these amazing glacier photos of which you speak?? It's not like I live next to a place that HAS a glacier... Do you know anyone that can get me glacier photos because DAMN! Glacier photos!

  9. You've passed with flying colors. Great idea.

  10. Fantastic! Thank you. Future fabulosity in the works...

  11. Best way to get the photos is to steal them from the internet. Or befriend someone who lives in striking distance of a bunch of glaciers and suggest a photo exchange.

  12. David - how many times do I have to tell you?! I will NOT send you pictures of the Choo Choo! Geez. You guys and your one track mind...