Monday, March 21, 2011

I like stacking, stacking's my favorite.

I don't really have any exciting kitchen updates to start the week with.  We're ahead of schedule (say what?) and my contractors played golf on Friday.  You're welcome, dudes.  Come and work on MY jobsite and you get to play golf and bask in my awesomeness and have a ceiling fall on you and get your face sliced off by possessed tools...  um....  SO HOW ABOUT SOME INTERIORS PORN??!!!!  Squeee!!  *jumping and clapping and giggling*

I guess I like mine amateur.

Those bricks make me exceedingly happy.  And the ceiling.  

I'm not really sure what's going on in some of these spaces with the furniture arrangement but I'm not really wanting to dive too deep today.

Just a tease of chandelier porn.  

That's how you know you're a talented photographer when you can take a dirty and uncomfortable-looking bed on a porch and make me want to hug it.

I think it's official now.  Just stack some shit in a corner or lean some art on a wall and I'm happy.  I probably like this because I suck at actually "decorating" something but am great and putting awesome things I buy at thrift stores and junk sales into piles.  I call this "layering" and like to throw that word around a lot when I'm feeling too lazy to clean.

I feel like I've seen this picture and this cabinet before but maybe it was only in my dreams.  I would go apeshit if I could have that.  I smell a thrift store hack coming on....!!!!  Sadly, I think it'll end up looking like I did, in fact, go apeshit with some paint and not in the good way.  

Don't deny it.  You kinda went "aww..." on the inside when you noticed the sails of that ship were vintage photographs.  At least I did...  DON'T YOU JUDGE ME!!

I don't know what's behind there but it's the stuff of dreams I say.

It says "I understand first with my hands, then comes the observation."  What a wonderfully apt statement for those who specialize in a craft.  It's exactly how I feel about my macaroni and glitter glue art.

All photos by Pia Jane Bijkerk.  Check our more photos and blog for more fabulosity.
Just what I'll be doing in about a week when the kitchen's done.  Except that empty chair on the right will actually be a giant martini.


  1. Beneath that crusty exterior lies the soul of a poet. Don't worry, I won't tell. ;)



  2. Raina - let's keep that between us... ; )

    Loving fondles in return,


  3. The words about understanding and observation are very sensual.

    Understanding is tactile, requiring touch. Though observation is primarily visual it still requires the touch of the eyes. Either way there is both "fondling", and "getting fondled".

    Whew! It IS officially spring. Interior porn indeed!


  4. Izzy - I would say I'm a tactile person and I often feel that when I touch something I understand it on a different level - more emotional or primal maybe - than my eyes. My brain is slow to translate that into words - trying to articulate the obervation! But I love your comment about eyes "touching" - so true. (hhmmm... I'm feeling inspired by this train of comments...)

    Yay to spring fondling!

  5. mmm, giant martinis...(and macaroni and glue...apparently you've tasted my macaroni?) :)

  6. The Zhush - after a few martinis I can't taste anything. ; )

  7. Fabulous blog!...glad I stopped in via Raina @ITLF...she can sure pick em...following now...k

  8. Kathy - Welcome to the Sauce! So glad you decided to swing by!! I can't stop using exclamation points!!!!!

  9. Fondling Martinis. That's what my summary is. Or stacking martinis down my neck. Great blog ps.

  10. Alex - both are excellent options. Thank you and welcome to the Sauce!