Friday, March 4, 2011

Warning: Gratuituous girliness ahead.

It's been an eventful week here at the ModSauce Ranch what with the stinky kitchens from hell and the Charlie Sheen violations.  I'll save the rest of the drama for my weekly recap o' kitchen happenings but it's safe to say I needed to replenish my reserves of fabulosity to bring equilibrium back to the Ranch right fucking now! There's no better or faster way to mainline some fabulsoity by touring every rich Wasp-y woman's wet dream: Oscar de la Renta's studio.

Buckle up, ya'll.  We're about to go from shithole to supernova of glamorgasm in .76 seconds.

Ahhh...  If books could sparkle I think those do.


So adorable.  And I don't even like to use that word...

My ovaries just exploded.

Warning: estrogen at dangerous levels...

GRRRRRR....   The blackness... with the.... and the...   toes...   WANT.   They'd be perfect for hanging around the mini barn out back.

I want my week to end on indecently beautiful shoes and jewelry and the good thing about being the HBIC of this here blog is I get to do whatever the hell I want.

even more gorgeous photography at From Me To You


  1. 1. Are any of those the frivolous shoes you acquired prior to your ceiling collapse?

    2. That studio resembles an architectural office, with all of those "site plans" all over the walls.

    3. Careful with all of that "mainlining" of fabulosity, you may wind up in rehab. Then Charlie Sheen may really come calling.


  2. I share your love of the Oscar.

  3. 1. Oh honey... no. The shoes I purchased were cheap imitations of great fabulosity but they lifted my spirits (and heels) in the same manner. ; )

    2. I lurve studio tours of all kinds! I love to see all kinds of creativity in process!

    3. Sigh... I just try to take it day by day. There's always Dr. Drew if things get really bad.

    Raina - He's so out of my price range and demographic but how could you NOT love him?!?