Thursday, November 26, 2009

A cornucopia of mashed potatoes, familial dysfunction and grunge

Did you ever have to do that thing at your Thanksgiving table where you all had to go around the room and say what you were thankful for?  Yeah we tried that once and it was a disaster.  Perhaps it was the fact that the family was fighting like rednecks at a little league game (but in an emotionally repressed passive aggressive way) and saying what we were thankful for seemed particularly ironic.  Everyone is usually forced to say something meaningful like "my wonderful family" because you're surrounded by them and the big knives that carve the turkey are really close.  I'm pretty sure I mumbled something about how awesome my friends were when I was really thinking about how awesome childhood emancipation probably was.  Either that or Pearl Jam.  I was very thankful for Eddie Vedder for awhile at that age. 

But being thankful is a good thing so I'll type my list below and it'll be way less trite but way more truthful.

1. Mashed potatoes.  duh.

2. The tulip table. One day you will be mine but right now I'm thankful for your mere existence.

3. The ocean and white tshirts.

4. Second chances and infinite possibilities

5. My wonderful (passive aggresive redneck) family


  1. OK seriously this made me roll. It also made me miss tread shopping with you and creating trend boards and color boards and coming up with what we were going to push on the public as the hottest shit for your home. I mean chocolate paired with every color known to man, shinny silk fibers and hand carved patterns, and micro suede THANK YOU!

  2. It was true at 14 and it's true now - THANK YOU to my friends! I miss you too Shan Shan!! XOXO