Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mustard and Cocaine = pied-a-terre awesomeness

So those hot foreign bitches over at Desire to Inspire are my goto source for design porn. I'm pretty sure they just do meth all the time to be able to post as much as they do.  Do they have meth in Australia?  Do they have real jobs?  Do they leave their family hungry as they feed me inspiration?

Before we begin play this video while you peruse.  It'll set the mood. 

Here's what I found yesterday - some dude named Dylan Thomas takes some jazzy photos of this super cool pad somewheres.  I'm gonna guess Europe.  Specifically Paris.  (I'm making this all up.)  I'm pretty sure it's the pied-a-terre for the 25 year old heiress to Grey Poupon and her friends who just mooch off her.  Let's snoop!!! 

Stack of magazine with an old tv on top? Is this my house? oh wait - cool frame and giant fashion shot? Nope. Definitely trendy tramp with old money. Nice juxtaposition to the tv to make us voyeurs not feel so overwhelmed by their inherent style and class.

oh yeah. This tramp got some money. Obviously these girls don't eat and only subsist on wine, cigarettes and cocaine (hello mirrored dining table?!).

"zihz iz my boudoir." yeah I think that's also the dress you're going out in tonight. I bet that chair sat some royal asses like Marie Antoinette once. She loved mustard. Also design lesson #1 - rich people can leave things laying around that the dog chewed on and is probably infested with french spiders because it makes them seem non-chalent and unaffected. It just makes us poor people look like we shop at the dump. Which we do but we have to pretend that we don't.

Oh fuck yeah!! I just had a decorgasm. That disco ball makes it. Egg chair? Hot pink. Why the fuck not.

I nailed it. Vintage Eurythmics and The Smiths vinyl. Ladytron is perfect. Creepy doll and actual cds? It says I'm rich enough to be eccentric and seemingly outdated but because I'm so cool I'm years ahead of your hipster trends.  My cds are retro now.

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