Monday, November 9, 2009

Huffpo, zombies and a menage a trois

Like any good liberal I get my news from The Huffington Post and The Daily Show. While drinking my organic fair trade coffee this morning and pretending to read news about health care and the war I ran across this little gem.

Original and others here.

It involves several of my favorite things - Jesus and zombies.  (I see Dracula in there too but vampires will get their own posts later.)  The only way it could get any better would be if it involved ninjas and rednecks. Preferably if the ninjas and zombies could join forces and then battle Jesus and the rednecks in a no holds barred dance off. Oh gawd who would prevail???!!!!! Obviously we know that zombies can dance (uh Thriller... duh!!). Jesus could probably moonwalk on water so that probably cancels out zombie jazz hands. RIP MJ. However ninjas can spin on their heads and build a human pyramid. But the rednecks own line dancing (power in numbers) and have now essentially cornered the market on dancing like sluts.

Ok I think Britney might not even need Jesus because she's got this one in the bag. The awesome black lace legging bag. It's like an American Apparel ad put to music.  She might be able to cure cancer with her power of threesome persuasion.

True ninjas know when they have been bested.

Better luck next time undead rangers of the dance floor.


  1. Um, this post is awesome.

    Also wanted to say -- excellent use of barren in your 1st post. We need to get that word back in circulation.

    No, I haven't read from 2012 to 2009, yet. I got annoyed in 2011 because I clearly need to read the kitchen saga in chronological order so I'm starting at the beginning. Hahahaha, no, I'm not OCD or anything. Shut up.

    1. Wow you're really digging back into the archive of horrors, aren't you?! I feel so exposed!!

      But thanks - it was a great way for me to relive the jesus/zombie/ninja awesomeness!