Monday, November 30, 2009

Ima get my champagne on before I have to get my bitch on.

After that beast of a post yesterday let's keep it simple today.  Here are some things that are on my Monday radar as I'm transitioning back into reality from pie-induced diabetic coma:

- HOARDERS!!!  Gawd bless this is my favorite show ever!  I think I like it because I'm one mental breakdown away from these people.  I already 'decorate' using piles. 

- Interesting article about DWR from Fast Company via Apartment therapy.  I don't really know much about DWR lately since they quit sending me a catalog like 5 years ago because I never ordered any of their stuff.

- Tiger Woods is an abused spouse maybe?!  I had a mega crush on his cablasian ass when I was fifteen back when he was the best thing since sliced bread. Uh I mean sliced WHOLE WHEAT bread that is.  Tiger Woods y'all. Tiger Woods y'all.  Relive it here if you don't remember what the hell I'm talking about.

- I've started a compost pile and have never been more excited about rotting refuse as I am right now!  Well except for when I accidentally sucked up cat poop in the leaf shredder where it was obliterated and therefore reignited the vomit-inducing stench.  I'm guessing the leaf shredder bag is not machine-washable. Expect more posts later about composting because I don't really know anything about it but I'm learning a lot and developing some very strong opinions about the matter which I can't wait to share.  Photo from dkhlucy on flickr.

- Fun little convo with Jonathan Adler and Simon Doonan.  Love them. Kdubs you need to take a lesson from your Top Design co-host on wit.  Is that show ever going to come back on??

-Since "Modern" is in my name I thought that maybe this little bit about design was appropriate.

- This website from A Cup of Jo for all your adult art needs.  I mean art for grown-ups not porn.  Or check this out.

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