Monday, November 23, 2009

Dressed to kill. Seriously those glitter platforms are dangerous.

The AMAs were on last night but I watched Dexter instead because after I watched Janet Jackson lip sync to a medley while looking like an ewok I just couldn't take anymore.  (love you JJ 4eva!!!)  Unfortunately I missed some Whitney (no Bobby), some Alicia and a lot of Adam Lambert.  A lot of dry-humping, face-to-crotch grinding, guyliner-wearing Adam Lambert. I do confess that I have a gay crush on him.  Or whatever it's called when a straight girl has a glitter crush on a totally and profoundly gay dude.  It's the dark hair and blue eyes and the duckface pout.

Or maybe it's the eyeshadow.   We could make out and then totally reapply each others lipgloss.

On a related note how much do you love Eddie Izzard???!!


So I love questionable gender (my favorite Discovery Health channel shows are about sex changes - go figure!!). I guess it's pretty obvious considering my attraction to  boys that sparkle, wear pale makeup and have bouffant hair.  OMG I just had the BEST IDEA EVARRRRR!!!!!  Twilight must be remade into a gay rock opera with Adam as everyone's favorite Cullen!!  But we'd have to change his name to something more drag appropriate like Glamward the Virgin or Miso Sparkly.  Bella could be Divine. The Cullens could have a dance off with the bad vampires to a mashup of Lady Gaga and Kiss.  I don't know the details I think Hollywood can work that out but I do know that it will be wildly successful.  I'll start working on the Team Glamward tshirts now.

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