Monday, February 27, 2012

This makes me exceedingly happy.

My blogging schedule got all wonky this week because I had a spontaneous trip south this weekend which I'm still happily recovering from.  And by 'recovering' I mean watching Hoarders and finishing a bottle of wine.

I packed my short weekend full of sweet people, salty water and cold sand that my Instagram filters just could not say no to.  I had to do the hipster thing and document the excursion in the form of a stylized ensemble of nature's bounty.  

Also, BP's bounty because that big black thing is most likely a tar ball.

But the tar ball is still going in the giant jar of seashells that I keep for memories.  

And hipster credibility of course.


  1. Combine efforts and hoard seasheslls and tar balls. Then you can watch your own collection with no tv. Hope you had fun at the beach! (K)

    1. Wheeee! It was delightful! As will be my hoard!