Sunday, February 5, 2012

Ladies (and wolves) get in free before 11 to the Backyard Tent of Lady Chi Magic.

Edward Steichen here
I don't know what it is but I've been feeling the ladies lately.  Not in a lesbian way (although I think my girl crush on Jessie J is about more than her glossy hair...) just in a normal 'Heeeey, girlfrin!" kinda way.  I'm just super jazzed about sisterly love and the combined power of multiple uteri.  

Maybe it's the large amount of Feminist blogs taking over my reader... 

Or maybe my twitter stalking of Your Aunt Diane has reached a dangerous level...

Devika Rani here
So when I found the tumblr Sisterwolf I spent the weekend squeeing over lady goodness.  It's an entire blog of images of ladies.  That's it.  And it's the fucking shit.

There are times when you run across a blog or tumblr and want to eat it it's just s'damn good.  So good you wish that it was yours but because it isn't you want to consume all of it at once and then spend forever reblogging it and telling other people about it.  Other LADIES about it because of the whole uteran power thingy.

I think Sisterwolf is a lot like Sister Wives but with a lot more teeth and nails.  

And jewelry...  

And snakes.  You fucking wear those fishnets, mama!

Katja Faith here
And some ladies that appreciate the power of good lipstick.

dancers, circa 1928 here
And lots and lots of vintage belly dancers and Southeast Asian ladies dressed up in finery.  And Bollywood stars.  See?  This tumblr is what my soul looks like if I could escape the trap of the Gap Outlet.

Maximo Ramos here
My soul in a kerchief...  Just kidding, I don't wear headscarves.  Well, accept for the Sundays that I don't shower.  NOT THAT I DID THAT TODAY OR ANY OTHER DAY FOR THAT MATTER...  that's gross.  *shifty eyes*

Sisterwolf makes me want to spend the weekend rereading Women Who Run With the Wolves in a tent in my backyard while wearing my full face and every piece of jewelry I own with Sarah McLachlan in the background while I snack on chicken tika masala and light candles to celebrate my lady chi.  It would probably be beneficial to do cat stretches and pelvic thrusts to spread lady chi around the gayhorhood as much as possible.  You're invited.  Bring more naan.

Sophia Loren here
There is nothing - I repeat NOTHING - that winged eyeliner can't make better.  Think of the worst thing that could happen to you like... I don't know... your grandmother gets mauled by a rabid bear or you open a bag of Sour Patch Kids and they're kinda old and hard.  Winged eyeliner would make you not even give a shit because you're too busy practicing your sexy faces in the mirror.  It's the kryptonite to depression according to my lady chi doctor.  Costume jewelry (and intense pelvic thrusting) helps.

Gustave Flasschoen here
Belly dance trading cards?  If so, I think my collection of Garbage Pail Kids just found a new home in the back of the closet next to my box of Jody Watley cassettes and that pair of jeans I only look good on the third new moon of a leap year when I haven't eaten salt in 5 days or more.  
Marquis Montes here

Circus, 1955 here
This blog of amazing awesomeness also has lots and lots of circus folk and carnies.  Awww... I have a soft spot for freaks in sequins.

Como se dice 'vintage badass girdles' en Espanol?  

Caspian Sea, 1963 - Pre-Revolutionary Iran here
This picture makes my decade.  I'd never thought I'd like a romper as much as I like this but maybe it looks better in pre-revolutionary Iran rather than the Urban Outfitters catalog.

Kimiko Yoshida - The Black Akha Bride here

Phyllis Galembo, Cuba here

Vladamir Clavijo, Telepneva here

Erte, drawing of horseshoe costume for George White's Scandals here
By 'horseshoe" they mean "vagina."

Julianne Johnston here

Karlie Kloss for Jean Paul Gaultier Spring 2012 here
Why don't they have wigs like this at the Halloween pop-up store in Chattanooga?  

from the circus 1870-1950, TASCHEN here
Yay for superstrong ladies!  My uterus pulses in shared awesomeness to the rhythm of a Sarah McLachlan song.  

Dangerously Dolly here

Per Zennstrom here
I gotta quit shopping at Target because my connection with my fellow sisterwolves is suffering because I dress like a lame punk.  I went to see the Jason Wu line today and it was boring as fuck.  No wonder I dress like a punk.

Elizaveta Porodina here
But there's always glitter baths to really perk up my cardigans!

predator rings here
Or these.  

It should be the uniform of Sisterwolves everywhere!! 

And will get you 1/2 off of your cover into the Backyard Tent of Lady Chi Magic.


  1. For the lexicon record, freaks in sequins are from now on called "frequins." You're welcome. (Kymberly)

    1. Ahahahaha! YES! You are my favorite frequin. ; )

  2. Awesome. Overwhelming amounts of awesomeness.

  3. Damn! Check out those gayrilla claws!

    1. Gasp! I need to find those gayrilla gloves! It's been too long...

  4. Wow, I've never managed to do full winged eyes but you're inspiring me to...think about trying again. Let's face it, my toddler already wants to jam her little fat fingers in my eyes, wings would just encourage her.

    Also, get out of my head! I keep telling Husband-cat that as soon as we have some damn money (hahahahahahah) I am getting a non-Target wardrobe. Which will be never. I suckered myself into trying one Wu shirt, words cannot express how badly fitting and cheap it looked. Not to mention it made me look dead, but that was my fault-there are no beiges or light pinks or soft corals that do not hate my skin.

    1. I still practice my winged eyeliner! It changes every time I do it.

      Also, I know EXACTLY the Wu piece you tried on. The colors do not work for pale people like me (and you apparently too). I think Jason Wu is awesome but Target fucks everything up. One day when we have real money we can shop together at fancy stores. Sigh...