Monday, February 15, 2010

I think I might lose some readers today...

This is all I have today.  Weeeeeeee!!  Blood spatter!!

Iain Crawford via Busy Being Fabulous

Splatter pillow by Lost City
This pillow is hand embroidered and it can be yours for $199 (originally $400).  um...  I think I know a much cheaper and more satisfying way to get the same affect on your Ikea pillow.  Or these people will do it to your sheets or lampshades!

Dexter inspired chair (and room) by Amy Lau Designs

I just realized that the color palette is basically like Valentime's Day.  That really wasn't my intention at all but maybe I was harboring some subconscious murderous rage over running out of chocolate or the fact that it's still cold as fuck and my skin is so dry that there is not enough Kiehl's lotion in the tri-state area to soothe it.  Or it's the fact that I'm trying to cut back on sweet tea and the withdrawals are enough to warrant a killing spree.

I think the most likely scenario is that it means I should give up serial killing for Lent.  hahahahaha!  That's outrageous!  I don't participate in Lent.  Having grown up in the rural South I don't think I actually met a Catholic until I moved away to college.  Well I'm sure I met some but it certainly wasn't talked about openly much like having an alcoholic or democrat in the family.  To conservative Southerners being Catholic is one step away from absolute damnation I think.  It's also the same for Episcopalians.  True story:  the local Baptist church hounded me for weeks to join their church and singles group.  Once I got over laughing at the closeted homo telling me about finding his wife there I made up a story about being Episcopalian.  He sashayed out of there so fast I thought he might have left his butch facade at my doorstep.  Here's the probably offensive completely official breakdown:

some Presbyterians (not the naughty ones)                                     

Universal health care
Selling liquor in my county
Stephenie Meyer (Mormon!)

I have obviously spent years studying my neighbors like the Jane Goodall of rednecks. 

I should probably quit right now before I do too much damage.  I mean it's the day after Valentime's Day and I should show a little love for my community.  Some days it's easier than others.  Today not so much.  You can just pick another blog to the right for some fun stuff if you need a brain cleansing.

I think I'm just going to completely cover my living room in plastic and go find some sweet tea asap.

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