Sunday, February 21, 2010

me want draw good

Even though I make my living by drawing you might think that I'm an accomplished artist extraordinaire and creative goddess.  Well you're only half right.   I have average drawing talents but I'm a triumphant success because I wrap it up in a bedazzled package of fancy back stories and sheer bitchitude.  When I stumbled across these STUDENT submissions for the Society of Illustrators scholarship contest however they make me look like a (sexy and glamorous) neanderthal who discovered how to draw shapes in her own poo.   

2009 winner Tower of Learning by Rebecca Green

Man in Hat by Leonard Dente

Sound the Alarm! by Ian Vanderhill

Imperial Airship by James KC Ng
Yeah I don't know if these are computer enhanced but does it really matter?  I know how to use a paintbrush but fuck if I know how to use those fancy tricks and filters.

Sleep Paralysis by Andrew Silver
Fuck Yeah!  Octopussy tentacles!

Robin Pecknold by Campbell Floyd
Pink Jesus.

The Victorian by Matt Hansen

Amy by Amanda Joseph

Reality by Corey Miller

Boy on Bear by Victo Ngai

Dick Meets Ed by Anna Topuriya

Do yourself a favor and check out the entire stunning collection of entries here for the past three years including the ones who DIDN'T win.  It's disgusting how much talent there is in the world.  Well my drawing teacher once told me I was pretty good (for just being a designer) so suck on that future artists of the world!  ahahahahahahahah! sob...sob...sob...

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