Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I done told you once you sonofabitch I'm the best that's ever been!

If you need a little soul cleansing after reading the last post then let's take musical field trip.  In between the fabulosity of Lady Gaga's glitter shoulders and Pink's glitter pubes at Sunday's Grammys there was a bearded breath of fresh air known as the Zac Brown Band.  You may have taken that time to run to the restroom or refill your wine glass because it was country but I would invite you to revisit their impressive performance in singing the shit out of America the Beautiful or if for nothing else to see Leon Russell sit at the piano like a country version of Weekend at Bernie's.   

It might seem a little incongruous with the glamorous image you have of Madame Sunday but I am a pearl born of the oyster that is the North Georgia countryside.  I was raised on the Judds, tater logs (that's fried potato wedges for you yankees) and a general fear of immigrants.  Needless to say despite my current collection of designer shoes and a welcoming attitude towards foreigners I will always have a soft spot for a mean fiddle and dinner bought at the gas station (which is the only place to get quality tater logs).  Cut to Sunday night and I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the Zac Brown Band stuck out amongst the glitter brigade because they are actually from my neck of the woods.  Yeehaw!  I can always pick out a local boy.  Word around town is that ZB is incredibly talented and a genuinely nice guy who was always destined for great things.  The band has also started a foundation that organizes a camp for underprivileged children.  What do you have Taylor Swift?  Towheaded ringlets and a childlike sense of wonder? 

Here they are performing the Devil Went Down to Georgia at last year's CMAs:   

Did the devil get down to Georgia on one of these?

Fuck yeah!  I don't think you can say you're really lived until you've seen this song performed live at a county fair with dueling groups of cloggers while eating a funnel cake surrounded by rednecks in overalls.  It should go on your bucket list.

Perhaps I'll buy their new album and listen to it on one of these:
It's the iVictrola designed by Matt Richmond I found at Design Milk.  How's that for modern country.  Hook up your ipod and dance your best jig.  If not the devil might get your soul.

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