Sunday, February 7, 2010

Tiny like a tornado

Today we're talking about tiny things. Specifically tiny people.  It's all the rage in creative crafting and bloggyland.  I'm not sure the reason - is it because people feel overwhelmed lately and they like to create miniature worlds that they can control?  Is our society losing the ability to emotionally connect in person and by using the transference of a third-person perspective we are able to live another cuter life?  Or do we like it solely because it's cute and all small things are cute.  I'll give you a minute to head on over to Kitten Wars because I know just thinking about cute small things makes you think of that...   

A madame doesn't really like cute.  Sometimes I'll let a "charming" pass but only if we're talking about weekend country estates or kittens.  Charlemagne was never really cute because she was born pure feline diva.  A fiva..?

For starters I've had these prints saved on Etsy for awhile - the artist crafts miniature little worlds filled with drama (no cuteness here) and then photographs them.   I want them all. 

Erin Tyner on etsy for even more prints
I'm fascinated by tornadoes probably because I feel such a kinship with them since we are both powerful forces to be reckoned with and I am intrigued by a worthy opponent.   I'm not sure if that tiny little man and his briefcase could handle this whirlwind of fabulosity.

Here are some miniature modern homes and microscopic inhabitants for your terrarium that I found on the fabulous Ms. Whorange.
from LBrandTerraria on etsy
She has Santa Claus and the nativity too.  Grim Reaper is definitely not cute. 

Here's a pretty stylish doll house that was featured in Elle Deco UK that I found on mirrormirror.  It looks nicer than my real house.

Want your tiny things outside in the real world?  Check out this blog devoted to little people left to fend for themselves on the mean streets of London.  There is a book out of all the adventures by the underground artist Slinkachu.

Need even more?

This looks like a miniature model but it's actually a photoshop technique called faux tilt-shift. I'm functionally retarded so I can't figure out how to do it but feel free to play around with it on your own with this tutorial.  There's a flickr stream here with more.   Now this isn't just making a tiny thing in reality it's taking reality and making it appear as if it's a tiny thing imitating reality.  Oh gawd my brain just exploded so you figure out the psychology of that one.

I shit you not as I was typing this an Allstate commercial came on using this exact same technique. I think that means you should buy Allstate because it's trendy and Dennis Haysbert (a former president no less) told you too. You do not fuck with that guy because he will send Jack Bauer to kick your ass.

 I know I've seen other things on my blogroll that I can't find but I can't predict the future when I see that first tiny thing.  It's pretty hard to do a search for "those tiny people with the red thing that looks sad and has a *wiggles hands frantically* thingy in the corner... you know what I mean".  There should be some kind of iphone app where you can record yourself describing something that asks about 'that one store with the dangley thing in the window' or 'that movie with the guy and he was all weird with that brown hair - remember?'  and then the app just tells you what you want to know.  Fuck you Boolean search terms.

Another tiny thing that I'm seeing everywhere?  Paper dolls.  I don't like doll things crafted with faces because they creep me out (I watched Poltergeist way too young and that freaky clown thing and the toys that went evil had a lasting impact on my easily moldable child brain) so I will not feature them on my blog.  I'm sure they are made by very talented people so check them out here and here.  This one has an octopussy too.  I like it when my trends meet each other.  It's just even more validation for me.  Madame Sunday need lots of validation.  Tell me you like those trends too.  TELL ME!!!!!!


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