Monday, February 8, 2010

Not you too Stephen Drucker??!!

Stephen.  Just between us girls Madame Sunday always gets that tingly feeling in her nether parts anytime I open my mailbox and see that HB font adorning a warm, thick package of fabulosity.  I adore you and what you've done to HB over the last few years; I've listened to your interviews here and here;  so I was so disappointed to see this is my mailbox this weekend.

I think we've already thoroughly discussed my theories on blue this year and I can't believe that HB has succumbed to the conspiracy that is Pantone Turquoise 15-5519.  And with a bunch of bland interiors to boot.  For the record I like blue - my bedroom is blue - but Christ on a cracker this is getting old.  If you're going to commit to the mindfuck of a nation's color palette at least make me WANT to get on bored.  Oops I meant to type 'get on board' but I think my Freudian slip is appropriate. 

I know you can't be perfect every time but next month get your shit together HB.  I'm counting on you because I can't afford a subscription to Living Etc and Elle Deco UK and I need something, anything besides Elle Decor and Veranda.  Don't make me switch to Canadian House and Home - they ARE really really nice, Stephen. 

First it's Pantone, then it's our magazines, next Hollywood will start making movies filled with a bunch of blue people!!! 

Wait.  Well fuck me...

I still want to get together with you for a cocktail or two Stephen.  Look how cute we are together.

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