Sunday, February 14, 2010

I'm feeling romantical. It must be the booze talking...

Want some love stories today without the candy hearts and cliches?  Check out real stories (the good, the bad and the ugly) at Le Love

Do you know who (whom?) I le love?  Tim Gunn.  For reals.  He would also know if I should use who or whom.  I caught up on all my DVR'd Project Runways today because frankly I just can't stand the Lifetime commercials and have to fast-forward through the millions of Pregnancy Pact movie previews.  I miss you Bravo.  Back to my valentine...

Tim I adore you.  Your honesty. Your posture. Your erudite vocaublary that somehow doesn't sound pretentious.  The way you so effortlessly wear a suit.  The way you used to cry when you unveiled the makeovers on your own show.  That sexy little way you look over the top of your glasses.  And the fact that you haven't date in a kabillion years means that perhaps you're just waiting for me.  I mean I already have a gay husband but he's a slut so I have a feeling that he wouldn't mind if I cheat on him too.  Tim I clean up pretty good but I spend a lot of time in pajamas.  Do you have a problem with that?  Do you wear pajamas?  Let's have a slumber party!  We'll talk about Heidi and Nina and Santino and pillow fight and do the crossword puzzle.  It'll be glorious - sturm and drang free.

An interview with my Tim about the last season here.  Just drop Madame Sunday an email and we'll start off slow - just a Sunday brunch or something.  If you need some incentive look at how cute we are together.

We're adorable.  Not creepy at all! 

Le love indeed.

For Dr. J

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  1. tha-thump, tha-thump...i love tim gunn! Thank you Madame Sunday!

    Dr. J