Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bright colors and supergraphics. It's what Jesus wants.

Modernsauce is going to be all about retro bright geometry today.

Ok look, I know what you’re thinking: I need to get a life and quit spending my nights reading blogs and looking at pretty pictures and then just compiling them into stunningly awesome trend collections that dazzle your mind and enrich your soul. Well FUCK YOU I like doing it and I’m pretty sure it’s what Jesus intended. I mean when I’m trolling through the internet looking for friends inspiration it’s like the universe just presents me with a silver platter filled with cool stuff that I'm compelled to talk about and if I put it together correctly I'll discover the secret meaning of life like some sort of decorating Da Vinci Code.  I’m the blonde blogging version of Robert Langdon trying to find the holy grail of creative expression and what the hell all this means. That’s a pretty big challenge when you're trying to escape the murderous greed of republicans albinos (ironically working for Pantone I'm sure) but it’s my yoke to bear for your edutainment.

You're welcome.

It's nothing exactly like that guy that they found alive in the rubble of Haiti after a month. A fucking month! That’s Jesus telling that dude ‘hey I know you’ve been buried alive and subsisting solely on a trickle of water but I got plans for you’. It’s the same thing here – Jesus has a plan for me except it involves brightly colored triangles, foul language and inappropriate comparisons between a humanitarian crisis and my cushy middle class life.

Now I'm going to have another glass of wine while you look at some bright things.

Alexandrina Turcan by Billy Kudd on Fashion Gone Rogue

Portland artist Matt W. Moore is pretty bitchin.  He's a graphic artist that has worked for advertising campaigns like Nike and Wired but if ads aren't your style you can also buy his special edition Mini Cooper.  Why the hell not?  He's known for his digital "vectorfunk" style but the above paintings were done with spray paint.  BOOYAH - in your face raster!  You can also pick up his book if you're a broke bitch and don't want to shell out the money for the car.  Check out Design Crisis which featured him yesterday for lots more cool images and other modsauce approved awesomeness. 

Check out this rad Photoshop tutorial that shows you how to design this graphic on your own!  It's the 21st century Bob Ross.  Happy little supergraphics.

Lisa Oppenheim via vi.sualize

Andy Gilmore from Inspire Me


Karl Benjamin from we heart it

If all that's a little much for you just buy this book.  At least you can close it if your eyes start to pussy out.


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