Friday, December 18, 2009

Hallmark can suck it.

I'm a big fan of making your own holiday cards even if you end up with these things which are everywhere.  I still appreciate the fact that you spent more than 1.7 seconds signing your name to a store bought card and affixing my address sticker on an envelope.  And yes I do actually enjoy seeing kids and pets in their forced christmas cheer preferably while all wearing matching sweaters.   

Here are some original cards from artists courtesy of the Smithsonian (via dear ada) that I would love to get in the mail.  Well if all these people were still alive and I was even remotely cool enough to be worthy of an original creation.

Alfred Frueh

Frederick Hammersley
My favorite - I love a retro christmas.  (foreshadowing...)

George Zoretich

Arnold Newman's photo of his family's travels that year

Kay Sage

Abril Lamarque

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  1. I always say that I should make my own holiday cards.. that would also suggest that I would actually send them. Must put on the list to do for next year. Now that I am feeling a little more settled then last year