Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Please Madame, can I have some more?

You want some more dark and moody things?  How about some fuzzy wuzzy animals?  These have been on my computer awhile and I just rediscovered them so let's all just relive it and pretend that we didn't see them all over the internet two years ago and that animal-inspired things are not on their way to becoming passe.  Particularly owls.  Or are they here to stay?  That first one is staring into my soul and hypnotizing me.  Good thing that unicorn injected me with love and glitter yesterday because otherwise all Mr. Hooty Hoo would have seen was a big pile of repressed rage, a black hole where my heart used to be and a stomach full of starbucks and jelly bellies.  FUCK YOU!!  It's been a rough morning OKAY??!!!  I've had an owl gazing into the abyss of my internal life!!!!!!

They are all from flickr photographer zeissizm.  Check out more here.

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