Monday, December 7, 2009

Taste the rainbow.

If you've read any of this blog up until now it may seem like it's all about pissing on other people and their work.  Ok it kinda has; but I really do enjoy looking at pretty things just for pretty's sake and am really inspired by all the hard-working and creative bloggers and designers out there!  Except for this: 

I FUCKING hate this!!!!  If I see another one of these horrible rainbow bookshelves I'm going stab myself in the eye with my stylus pen.  I blame Domino - I'm sure they did it first.  If I ever walk into someone's house and see this I think I will turn around immediately and walk out but not before I spit on their children.  Ok probably not - but I'll totally judge them and roll my eyes reeeeally hard behind their backs.  Not only do I not really want to decorate according to the gay pride flag the arrangement of books immediately lets me know that this person doesn't read.  You don't need the dewey decimal system at home but if you actually used your bookshelves you would know that this isn't an organizational system.  It's a fourth grade craft project.

But just to prove to you that I'm not a TOTAL bitch here are real bookshelves that are functional (mostly) AND pretty:

apartment therapy

city sage


country home

dominomag flickr
I know that this isn't really an organizational system either but it's pretty so it gets a pass.

from I Suwannee.  I'd even prefer fake bookshelves to the rainbow.

omoo flickr

ooh_food flickr

rejean pellerin flickr

the selby

Ok the last ones are actually arranged by color but you know what?  It actually looks good and it works because it's hipster decorated.  Take note amateur book rearrangers everywhere.  I'm watching you.

*I don't have sources for everything but if I find out I'll update.  I don't want to be sued by the internet police and end up in internet jail.  Wherever that is. 


  1. Well I am not saying I would use the rainbow but I can imagine getting used to finding books by their color. After all the color of a book is pretty easy to remember. You're hilarious though.

  2. Thank gawd the Twilight series is all one color so I can find it easy! I'm kidding. They're always on my nightstand anyway.