Wednesday, December 30, 2009

STOP! In the name of love...

The love of Jesus and contemporary architecture!! 

It'll all make sense in a minute...

So I pulled this post together after consuming about a pound of cookie dough and a Whitman's chocolate sampler while watching Psychic Kids and drinking wine so I may be hallucinating from the onset of a diabetic coma or under the influence of spirits so just roll with it.  Spirits as in the ghosts in my house not booze. It's probably both though.  I'm pretty sure the ghosts are the ones who made me eat the cookie dough.  The Whitman's was all me though.

So I got this Scary Nuns book for Christmas with lots of dramatic pictures of nuns.  I like nuns - I have a boxing one and one that you wind up and it shoots fire from its mouth.  I'm not Catholic but I really enjoyed Sister Act.  Also nuns are the brides of Christ and I like Jesus but not really into the whole monogamy thing so they definitely earn my respect I guess.  Committing to a lifetime of poverty and a relationship with a nonexistent figure probably sucks but Whoopi Goldberg and motown really help.

I googled "naughty nuns" and "bad nuns" just to see if I could find some more cool nuns with their habits.  Do NOT do that unless you like sacrilegious porn or slutty Halloween costumes.  I like both so that was a win for me but I figured I'd worn you just the same.

So I've got nuns on the brain and then look what I stumble across today on Trendir.  BAM!!!  It's a vacation home in Australia but it looks like an flying origami nun habit that Bilbo Baggins might live in.  I'm intrigued - please continue.  My brain is clogged with raw cookie dough so I can't think of a good soundtrack for your listening pleasure so you'll have to conjure up some Gregorian chants or early Diana Ross on your own.  I'll be humming along with you.

The red door is a magnet for my eyes.  I think I'll add a new section on my blog called "pointy fabulosity".  The architecture is stunning but it looks like they spent all their money on the computer modeling which left nothing for paving a driveway. 

Or money for a decent deck.  If we're in agreement that these are "nun houses" what would their Christ husband be?  My first thought was Daniel Libeskind's Jewish museum in Berlin because it also has pointy fabulosity but that's just wrong. I'm also muddling my metaphors and that's just dumb.  So I think I'll go with Le Corbusier's Chapel at Ronchamp in France.  It's roundy-er and Catholicy-er.  My History of Architecture professor would be so proud for pulling that reference out of my ass!  That 7 years of college and a lifetime's worth of poor decision-making and resulting shame has finally paid off!

A red back door?  What mysteries lie inside that saucy little minx?

Oh my.  You dirty slut.  I think this is the architectural equivalent of red lingerie underneath that scratchy habit.  Tee hee!  And the fact that those red carpeted steps that look like every church I've ever been to wasn't lost on me either!  Do they lead to the potluck dinner in the fellowship hall?  I would totally stay there on vacation.

And THEN I found these pictures from Oleg Dou via teamgeniusBAM!  BAM!!  More nuns!! Fuck yeah. 

Do I really need to talk about the awesomeness that is the red door/red heart comparison? No?  Okay I'll just pat myself on the back and eat some more cookie dough. 

Diabetic coma in 3...2...1...


  1. so not smart enough to comment on nuns or architecture but I love cookie dough and wine!

  2. Dear anonymous - I'm pretty sure it requires a lack of intelligence to make the flying habit/modern architecture comparison but I still appreciate your comment.

  3. Yup. The sacred heart of Jesus in that last nun pic. Kind of a hybrid of nun and Jesus. A perfect ending to a brilliant post! God bless you and God bless us, everyone.