Tuesday, December 1, 2009

New favorite person

Seriously she was probably in my top five but I think she just peaked.  She being Sonya Tayeh if you didn't know and if you didn't you're a loser.  She's fucking awesome and her routine killed it tonight.  As soon as I find it somewheres on the internet I'll post it so we can all bask in its awesomeness forever and ever and ever.  Jazz hands and tigers and mohawks oh my!

*FOUND IT!!!!!!  I don't know why fox is so stingy with trying to view their videos.  I'M BRINGING YOU TONS OF VIEWERS ASSHOLES!!!!!!  Well only one really.  I have one subscriber as of today.  Shout-outs to Shan Shan!!  HOLLA!!!!!


  1. I loved that performance too!!

  2. i'm not a loser! cut a poor dork some slack. is she on NPR? maybe i just missed that clip.