Thursday, March 4, 2010

I've got architectural jungle fevah.

(omigod can you even say that anymore?  Is that racist?  I mean Stevie Wonder said it so I think it's okay...  I don't know.  Let me consult my Liberal's Guide to Politcal Correctness and get back to you...)

So we are living in the 21st century and I'm a progessive woman who believes in celebrating diversity so I feel no shame in saying that I'm in love with the big beautiful black Vitrahaus that Design Milk featured recently.  Don't condemn my feelings - our love is pure like the driven asphalt and no close-minded bigot can stop it!!  Ahahahahahaha!!!

Designed by Herzog and de Meuron it sits on the Vitra HQ campus and is used as a large showroom/inspiration house of sorts for all of Vitra's home furnishings.  The Vitrahaus takes the archetypal image of a house, multiplies it and abstracts them and to create various "homes" but with a small footprint.  Also it's pretty badass. 

So glowy... 

Oooohhh....  look at all those chairs!  It's like those cute little miniature chairs and made them real sized!

I just want to lick touch that inky black exterior.  Somehow I feel like if you put your hand out there it would just keep going. That the blackness is actually a vortex of nothingness.  Like in The Neverending Story when the Nothing was spreading over the land!  Just like that but pointier.

And we don't even have to worry about context here!  It may resemble, ever so slightly, a charred stack of firewood kicked by a giant but I'm cool with that because if a giant is around I don't want to piss him off.

Here's some more beautiful blackness.  I'm like the Lisa Lampanelli of architecture.

a modern house in Cambridge

click for source but I have no info about what the hell this is I just like it...

a house in Buenos Aires from digsdigs

from here
It's called the Sin Den!  Don't get excited - it's just a hair salon and somebody's home.  I can't really vouch for the amount of sinning that goes on in there but use your imagination.

a home in Leslieville Canada
With the exception of the missing column on the porch I think this is weirdly cute.  But read the accompanying article here about the neighborhood.  I understand the author's dislike of the lack of historical context in these new homes (I gots a thing about historical context apparently) until the author referred to one of the owner's and his "partner".  And yes he used quotes and I don't know why but I've got a pretty good idea...  Fuck you, you homophobic asshole!  I would like to build a pyramid next door to you and tend to a flock of plastic pink flamingos in my yard and sweep the sidewalk everyday wearing a chicken costume.  But only the head.  I'll be naked from the neck down.  Just to piss you off.  Unless you're a giant...

the Pitch Black House in NYC from Adjaye Associates here
Even though this is named the Pitch Black house sadly I don't think Vin Diesel lives there.  And how about those three buildings for context?!  Discuss amongst yourselves...

Kala Bhavana? click for source. 
Yeah I have no fucking clue but that's awesome.

Matte black looks especially good on traditional and Victorian style homes.  Like your house got dressed up as a slut for Halloween and then decided to stay that way the rest of the year. 
Peacock Hill house from Budget Living via Door Sixteen

Just a big black Victorian-esque house.  I love the contrast with the green.  Feels quite vibrant (to me) and not at all like your neighbor is Elphaba.  Virtual high five if you know who Elphaba is - I'm giving you a virtual spanking if you don't.  

from Canadian House and Home

a house in Pacific Heights from jasminepark's photostream

How to do it right if your friends are possible racists and are a scared to come visit you and your black house. 

Stuart Mcintyre photography from Desire to Inspire
Call me crazy but the black with that aqua against the green landscaping feels really earthy and fresh to me - and quite Spring-y.   If you're looking for tender bouquets, budding promises and pictures of pastel cupcakes to celebrate the change of seasons then I think you've come to the wrong fucking blog.  I think I've proven that I'm not a bigot because I want a token black cottage but I draw the line at petit fours and pansies.  

But I'll probably post some next week because the sweetness and light emanating from the crafty blogs is rotting my brain.  And they're just so ADORABLE!!

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  1. The Sin Den building is awesome, and not just because of the name! I like the house in Leslieville, Canada, but the top floor could have used something else--and not just a handrail on that second-story outdoor space.