Monday, March 8, 2010

MS note: no artists were harmed in the writing of this post.

So sometime between now and last summer I mysteriously lost (read: subconsciously threw away) the key to the shed that holds my lawn equipment and tools.  How weird right?!  I guess no yardwork for me this summer!  So instead of looking for the key again I decided to just start drinking earlier playing on the internet.  I’m not gonna lie.  The internet is scary place sometimes and you never know what person you might run across and decide to stalk meet.  I got lucky this time and found a bitchin artist on the Jealous Curator this weekend who, lo and behold, happens to hail from Chattavegas!  Her name is Hollie Chastain and she takes some of my favorite things – junkin for old stuff and illustration – and makes them into awesome collages.  It’s like her work is made just for me!  

Made JUST for me…

Check out her website for a full portfolio, follow her blog or her browse her etsy shop Dr Kennedy Jones.  I know I’m following all three.  ALL THE TIME!  You just can’t possibly know the intense anticipation I feel just waiting all day and night for more of her posts and to see more of her awesome work!  It’s enough to drive a person crazy.  CRAZY I TELL YOU!!  AHAHAHAHHA!!

All of her prints are really affordable at about $20 or under.  It’s like she begging you to buy them!  Begging you.  She wants it.

it's mine bitches!

I saw this one on her website and by far it was my favorite and would look perfect at the center of my newly constructed alter bookshelf.  And I knew we were meant to be together forever because I saw the original collage was for sale so I snatched it up immediately!  Since we both lived in the same area I thought it would be a good idea to meet so I could pick up the piece to save packaging costs of course.  Well she walked right into my trap we met at a local gallery and the piece was just stunningly crafted and so nice.  So very very nice.   She didn’t even flinch when I asked to smell her hair.  Oh Hollie – you’re such a good friend!  Maybe my best friend!  Ever.

Oh you're going to call the police Hollie?!  Hahahahaha!  You're always making it jokes it seems!  At least that's what it looks like through your windows.  

And I know you were concerned Hollie but I finally figured out how to break into my shed using a screwdriver and crazed determination.  What a relief!  I could finally get to my handsaw and extra supplies like rope and duct tape.  For projects I have planned around the house you know.  Maybe I’ll attempt my own collage of sorts…

Ok see you soon Hollie!!  Maybe I’ll happen to run into you on your next junkin expedition!!  I can’t wait and I know soon you'll feel the same way!!

The very same way... 


  1. You should post a disclaimer at the end stating that although you titled this MSnote: no artist were harmed in the writing of this post. But also that no artist was stalked in the creepy way and that truly you just love her work and think everyone else should too, you are not planning on taking duct-tape and kidnapping her. I mean god forbid that something does happen and the police/profilers find this blog!

  2. COVERING MY TRACKS! YES!!! omigod you are the bestest friend ever (but not more than hollie). I've got to delete this post for later. Also me and you were totally at Applebee's all nite this coming friday. Specifically between the hours of 10 and 2...