Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Peace up. A-town down.

The ModernSauce team is doing a little travelling to Hotlanta over the next few days.  Madame Sunday can't wait to eat a real bagel, shop at a store that's not Homegoods and see other liberals in their natural habitat.  (FYI I'm totally going to the Atlanta Homegoods - better shit for real y'all!)  While I'm gettin it crunk dirty south style you can pretend you're here too with the vintage Outkast.  

You know you love it.  

And don't forget Jamie Oliver's show that debuts on Friday.  His ADD and mullet make me want to scream but he talks a good game.  I know that I'll be out for margarita night trying to avoid mirrors.  Eating lots of queso.  Whaddya say about that Jamie?

I'm not gonna lie - those corndogs looked good.

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