Thursday, March 25, 2010

This makes me exceedingly happy. And confused...

I think Madame Sunday might be drunk from the copious amounts of sweet tea I drank today or perhaps the dangerously high pollen count has poisoned my brain but I'm feeling exceptionally girly.  Maybe it was all the "southern hospitality" I experienced today in Atlanta.  (It wasn't.  Those big city bitches skimped on my cream cheese this morning and almost ran our car off the road.  Couldn't they see we were watching New Moon while driving?!  Assholes.)  

I like it. A lot.  It's not my usual cuppa tea but it makes Madame Sunday want to put on a floral cotton sun dress with a coordinating cardigan and some bronzer, hop on a vintage bike with a basket on front filled with blossoms and baby bunnies and ride around my neighborhood singing (sweet jesus help me now) Corinne Bailey Rae songs. *deep breath*  I feel sick. *deep breath* Maybe I'm ovulating or something.

Hold me tight internet people.  I'm so scared in this strange new world.

And I think more might follow.  Fortify yourself.

update: original image from Cori Kindred

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