Sunday, March 14, 2010

A slow (and slightly cranky) start...

It’s been a rough week here at ModernSauce.  Torrential downpours caused Madame Sunday's backyard to flood and the roof to leak and a ton of evil weeds have now popped up in my flowerbeds just to piss me off those rat bastards.

Charlemagne had a diva fit (read: got scared by my finger) and fell from a window ledge and took the curtains, curtain rod and brackets with her.  There’s nothing I like more than patching giant holes in my uniquely-textured 50 year old plaster walls. 
Something is wrong with the steering in my car and I drive a Toyota so if you suddenly feel a hole in your heart next week check the news for info regarding any fabulous divas that might have perished in a crash and then call Mr. Toyoda immediately. So now I’m sitting in a Starbucks next to the car shop listening to kd lang (win for me!) for the next 7 hours recovering from all the green alcohol and brownies I consumed last night and trying to figure out what time it is.    Do you think that the stranger next to me will watch my latte and computer while I go poop?  It’s the venti that did it…

Needless to say I’ve been a little short on time and inspiration this week.  Let’s start slow with some easy stretching, deep breathing exercises and purty pictures.  I wouldn’t want to start ranting too early and pull a muscle.
I found Ditte Isager in an O magazine a few months ago.  Yes I read O.  I don’t care what you think.  Her full portfolio is here.   

Last three images from Apartment Therapy

Just so you know my faith in humanity has been restored.  My sbux poop was a success.  I think this is going to be a good week!

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