Thursday, March 11, 2010

Understand THIS muthafucka!

I'm busy.  STOP YELLING AT ME!  Just ponder this profound (and possibly eye roll inducing) statement while I get some shit organized.  New things for you to anticipate: design cliches, my brush with fame (don't get excited), I decorate some rooms (poorly) and probably more wine.


  1. MS,

    It seems I've found a way to travel into the past! Apparently working scripting algorithms and solving fabulosity theorems has made my brain all "math-y" and I've discovered a sequence of links that've sent me to March 2010.

    To the point, I'm diggin' the quote above.


  2. Honey, you need to stop your travels because back here things are dark. And scary. And lame! *shudders*

    But yeah, I still like that quote a lot too. ; )